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Die Stats: 263 265 377

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Die Stats: 263 265 377
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
63 Common Dr. Ludwig Rinehart 6 While Mysterio is active, when your opponent draws dice, you may pay to draw a die and put it into your Prep Area.
Global: Pay . Once during your turn, each player may draw a die and place it into their Prep Area.
99 Uncommon Quentin Beck 7 While Mysterio is active, when an opponent draws dice, they KO target Sidekick in their Field Zone. 4
128 Rare Francis Klum 6 When an opponent draws dice, you may sacrifice one of your Sidekicks to move a character die from your Used Pile to your Prep Area. 4


Artist: Barry Kitson, Jeromy Cox
Source: Web of Spider-Man (Vol 2009) #4[1]


  1. ^ Web of Spider-Man Vol 2009 #4. Marvel Database Wikia. Retrieved 29 October 2016.

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