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Die Stats: 011 013 022

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Die Stats: 011 013 022
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
59 Common Personal Secretary of Tony Stark 2 Pepper Potts canít attack. While Pepper Potts is active, all of your blocking characters get +2D until end of turn (Iron Man gets +3D instead). 4
94 Uncommon CEO of Stark Industries 2 Pepper Potts canít attack. When fielded, spin down up to two target enemy characters by one level. If your Iron Man is active, deal them 1 damage as well. 4
123 Rare Stark International 2 Pepper Potts canít attack. When Pepper Potts is KOíd, search your bag for an Iron Man die and field it at level 1. 4


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