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Die Stats: 031 132 143

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Real Name: Pietro Django Maximoff
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs
Powers: Quicksilver possessed superhuman speed, and could travel on foot at speeds exceeding the speed of sound for hundreds of miles before tiring; he could "fly" for short distances by flapping his arms or "vibrating" his legs; he could also use his speed to create cyclones, dodge machine gun and laser fire, and run up walls and across water. When the High Evolutionary's Isotope E upgraded his powers, he did not know the true limits of his speed.
Abilities: Quicksilver was trained by Captain America in hand-to-hand combat.

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Die Stats: 031 132 143
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
19 Starter Pietro Maximoff 3 When fielded, Quicksilver deals 1 damage to one opposing character. 4
20 Starter Thanks to Isotope E 4 When fielded, Quicksilver deals 1 damage to each opposing Sidekick 4
21 Starter Former Villain 4 When Quicksilver is blocked, he deals 1 damage to each opposing character (this extra damage resolves before normal combat damage is assigned). 4
84 Uncommon Villainous 4 When Quicksilver is fielded or knocked out, deal 2 damage to each X-Men character in play (including yours). 4


Artist: David Finch
Source: X-Men: Legacy (Vol 2008) #209[1]


  1. ^ X-Men: Legacy Vol 2008 #209. Marvel Database Wikia. Retrieved 25 July 2015.

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