Energy Type:


Die Stats: 134 245 355 (AOU); 135 255 366 (Zombies)

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Real Name: Johann Shmidt
Height: (original body) 6'1"; (cloned body) 6'2"
Weight: (original body) 195 lbs; (cloned body) 240 lbs
Powers: None
Abilities The Red Skull is a fine unarmed combatant, marksman and master of disguise. He possesses a keen mind at military, political, corporate and subversive strategies.

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[top]Age of Ultron

Die Stats: 134 245 355
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
61 Common Johann Schmidt 4 If Red Skull is KOd, your opponent chooses: either Red Skull deals 2 damage to your opponent or you gain 2 life. 4
96 Uncommon Embodiment of Evil 4 If Red Skull is KO'd, your opponent chooses: either they draw one fewer die during their next Clear and Draw step or you draw 2 dice from your bag to your Prep Area. 4
125 Rare "Hail Hydra!" 5 Teamwatch when you field a character who shares an affiliation with Red Skull, spin down all of his characters one level or spin up all of your character dice one level (your opponent chooses). 4
Die Stats: 135 255 366
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
140 Super Rare Undying Evil 5 Zombie - when fielded, KO all non- Red Skull.
While active, opponent can't attack with more than 1 Sidekick per turn. Captain America can't attack either.


Artist: David Aja Sean Phillips, June Chung
Source: Red Skull (Vol 2011) #3[1] Marvel Zombies (Vol 2006) #4[2]


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