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# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
35 Common Sidekick Attraction 4
Continuous*. Play on a monster. All opposing sidekicks must attack while that monster is active. 3
63 Uncommon Action Attraction 3
Continuous*. Play on a monster. Your opponent's action dice and abilities can only target that monster. 3
98 Rare Monster Attraction 4
Continuous*. Play on a monster. Your opponent can only block monsters affected by this die until each such monster with this die has been assigned two blockers. 3
All Ring of Magnetism action cards have been reworded to add a new keyword: Continuous: Actions with Continuous move from the Reserve Pool to the Field Zone when played and can stay there at the end of the turn. Sometimes they’ll send themselves to the Used Pile for an effect whenever you could use a Global Ability.[1]


  • Ring of Magnetism is played on an individual monster/character die, not the character card.[2] The action die stays in play when played on a character die and does not leave the field at the end of the turn unless the character to which it is attached is knocked out.[3]
  • If Ring of Magnetism: Action Attraction is played on Lord of D.: Dragon Protector ("While this monster is active, it cannot be the target of opposing action dice or abilities."), the opponent would not be able to target other monsters/characters with action dice or abilities, and they could not target Lord of D. See Lord of D. Ring.
    • Effect A: Your opponent can't target this monster.
    • Effect B: Your opponent can only target this monster.
    • The "can't" and "can" are not at odds with one another. Someone staring down a Lord of D. equipped with Ring of Magnetism would check for the ability to target a character (with basic action Swords of Revealing Light, for example). Effect A would stop you from choosing Lord of D. Effect B would stop you from choosing one of the player's other monsters/characters. The end result is no legal targets.[4]

  • Just like the double energy on a Basic Action Die, a player must use both energy on an action die at once or lose the additional energy. If paying for two effects, they happen sequentially.[5]





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