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Die Stats: 123 245 256

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Real Name: Anna Marie (full name unrevealed)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs
Powers: Rogue is a mutant who formerly possessed the ability to absorb the memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other beings through skin-to-skin contact. Such transfers lasted for 60 times longer than the contact time, with extended contact resulting in the possibility of permanent absorption. No upper limit had been determined for the number of beings Rogue could simultaneously imprint. Upon absorbing another's memories, Rogue also gained any associated emotional responses. Rogue was typically able to control such emotions, however absorbing psyches more powerful than her own resulted in Rogue’s psyche being supplanted. After permanently absorbing the powers of Ms. Marvel, Rogue possessed an amalgamated mutant human/alien Kree physiology that granted her a degree of immunity to poisons, and a virtually indestructible body. Rogue also possessed Ms. Marvel's above normal reflexes and psychic "seventh sense" that enabled her to subconsciously anticipate an opponent’s moves. Whilst Rogue possessed Ms. Marvel's psyche, her "double" consciousness made her resistant to telepathic probes from even the most powerful mind readers. She also gained Ms. Marvel's incredible strength, and supersonic flight.
Abilities: Rogue could formerly draw upon the combat and espionage training of Carol Danvers by granting control of her body to her alternate personality, a duplicate of Danvers'. Rogue can also speak fluent French.

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[top]Avengers vs. X-Men

Die Stats: 123 245 256
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
57 Common Anna Raven 4 When fielded, you may capture an opposing die in the used pile (return it at the end of the turn). Spin it to level 1. Rogue copies that die's stats. 4
89 Uncommon Anna Marie 5 When fielded, capture an opposing action die from the used pile or reserve pool. When Rogue attacks, you may use that action for free (with no bursts). Return it to the used pile after the attack step. 4
121 Rare Can't Touch This 6 When fielded, capture an opposing fielded character (until the end of the turn). Rogue copies that character's stats and abilities. 4


Artist: Scot Eaton
Source: Rogue (Vol 2004) #7[1]


  1. ^ Rogue Vol 2004 7. Retrieved 23 September 2016.

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