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Die Stats: 114 134 154

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Die Stats: 114 134 154
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
65 Common Bro'Dee Walker of Astonia 2 Saint Walker can't attack or block unless a (is) active. 4
98 Uncommon Hopeful Hero 3 Saint Walker can't attack or block unless a is active. Saint Walker gets +4A when engaged with at least one . 4
128 Rare "All Will Be Well." 5 Saint Walker gets +2A and +2D if a is active and an additional +1A and +1D if another is active. (He doesn't count himself). 4


Artist: Rags Morales
Source: Green Lantern (Vol 2005) #48[1]


  1. ^ Green Lantern Vol 4 #48. DC Wikia Database. Retrieved 9 Aug 2015.

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