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Die Stats: 031 142 144

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Die Stats: 031 142 144
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
13 Starter Wild Pack 4 When Silver Sable is blocked, the defending player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life. 4
14 Starter Mercenary 4 Underdog - (You may use this effect when your opponent has more character dice in their Field Zone than you do.) Silver Sable is unblockable. 4
15 Starter Outlaw 4 When Silver Sable attacks, add a die from your bag to your Prep Area. If it is a Sidekick, Silver Sable is unblockable. 4
67 Common Hero for Hire 4 You may sacrifice Silver Sable during your Main Step. If you do, target character die is unblockable this turn. 4


Artist: Doug Braithwaite, Sonia Oback
Source: Heroes for Hire (Vol 2011) #2[1]


  1. ^ Heroes for Hire Vol 2011 2. Retrieved 8 September 2016.

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