While active, whenever you draw one of this character’s dice from your bag during the Clear and Draw Step, draw one additional die. You only draw one die no matter how many copies of this die are active. This ability can trigger multiple times per turn. It does not trigger for different characters that also have the swarm ability.


  • Swarm can trigger multiple times for each character with the ability. For example, in the Field Zone, there is a die for Stirge: Epic Beast, Kobold: Greater Humanoid, and Orc: Greater Humanoid. Four dice are drawn during the Clear and Draw step, resulting in two Stirge dice, 1 Kobold die, and an NPC/Sidekick die. Three extra dice are then drawn, two for the active Stirge and one for the active Kobold. An Orc die is one of the extra three dice drawn, resulting in another extra drawn die.[1]

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