Yu-Gi-Oh! Series One

Set Abbreviation: YGO, S1
IP: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Designers: Mike Elliot
Eric M. Lang
Release Date: January 28, 2015
Set Size: 120 Cards Total
10 Basic Actions
8 Starter Set Common
32 Commons
30 Uncommons
36 Rares
4 Super Rares
Affiliations: Egyptian God, Thousand Dragon Fusion
Key Mechanisms:
Key Team Builds:
Yu-Gi-Oh! Series One is the third set of Dice Masters, and the first of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. It was released on January 28, 2015 and is considered a full set (with some distribution differences).

[top]Set Details

Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Page

Coming just a few short months after the Uncanny X-Men set release, YGO Dice masters brought a whole new intellectual property into the Dice Masters game system. Building on the popularity of the trading card game and the cartoon, YGO also aims to open the game to a new audience of players.

This set has garnered the most of community critics for using a "children's" subject and from straying from the initial focus Dice Masters has had on superhero sets - namely in the Marvel universe.

Another point of contention within the player base at large has been the serial numbers on the various YGO dice that pertain specifically to individual character cards. In previous sets, dice for a character that were of the same matching color could be used with any character card. However, in the YGO set, we see that each card maintains its own unique serial number.


"It's time to d-d-d-duel!" - Yugi
YGO is set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe and includes loads of popular YGO characters from both the card game and the cartoon. There appears to be no specific storyline captured by the set itself.

[top]Key Mechanisms

According to designer Mike Elliott, YGO was developed before the first two Marvel sets were printed and distributed. As such, no new set mechanics were really introduced to shake the meta. Nevertheless, YGO does have its own unique styling. Characters are referred to as Monsters, which has been officially ruled as synonymous with Characters; the terminology Summoned is also the same as Fielded.

[top]Set Breakdown


[top]Characters & Actions Featured

[top]Character Energy Types

YGO Energy Distribution

Bolt: 12
Fist: 12
Mask: 7
Shield: 7

[top]Set Buy Curve

YGO Buy Curve by No. of Characters

1-Cost 1 2-Cost 6 3-Cost 23 4-Cost 34 5-Cost 25 6-Cost 19 7-Cost 6 8-Cost 6 9-Cost 0 10-Cost 0

1 Energy:

2 Energy:

3 Energy:

4 Energy:

5 Energy:

6 Energy:

7 Energy:

8 Energy:

[top]Errata & Clarifications

New Keyword
Continuous: Actions with Continuous move from the Reserve Pool to the Field Zone when played and can stay there at the end of the turn. Sometimes they’ll send themselves to the Used Pile for an effect whenever you could use a Global Ability.

Meta Rule
When character dice are captured, dice that are attached to them (such as Ring of Magnetism) go with them. Such attached dice are also considered to not be in play for game purposes, and they return to the Field Zone with the die they were originally attached to. The same is true for dice that have the gear keyword in the upcoming D&D expansion. When characters that continuous dice are attached to are KO’d, or sent to the Used Pile, the continuous die follows.

Affected Character Cards
Include all three Ring of Magnetism cards as well as Time Wizard: Turning Back Time, Jinzo: Mechanical Monster, Harpie Lady: Cyber Slash, Millennium Puzzle: The Eternal Dungeon, Millennium Rod: Scepter of Supremacy, The Winged Dragon of Ra: Solar Deity. (Source WizKids Event System Rules Forum)

[top]Key Team Builds

As far as team builds go, YGO offers many strategic differences than the Marvel sets thus far. Many have evaluated these differences as largely weaker in light of the greater meta.

YGO relies on a few significant characters to produce Churn and facilitate Ramp. Aside from a few cards in the set, YGO plays much slower than its Marvel counterparts.

[top]Dominant Cards


Starter Set
Foil Pack
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