In Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron the super rare portion of the set includes exciting characters from the Marvel Zombies alternate universe. The four Zombiverse characters that are available are Gladiator, Electro, Red Skull, and Magneto. This is the only set to currently offer zombie versions of Marvel characters. Players are sure to enjoy this glimpse into an alternate universe in a Gravity Feed release. Just like other character cards that have affiliations within a set (Avengers, X-Men, Hydra, Guardians of the Galaxy, or S.H.I.E.L.D.) these four characters are affiliated with Marvel Zombies. These cards can work individually or cohesively and have the special Zombie ability “When fielded, KO all non-Zombie (Gladiator, Electro, Red Skull, or Magneto depending on which card is chosen) that are in the field.” This is a really cool way to add an alternate universe within Marvel into your games and effectively have the chance to cancel (or cannibalize!) all regular versions of these characters waiting in the field. Your opponents who favor Magneto, Gladiator, Electro, or Red Skull in combat won’t know what hit them when you break out your Zombie army![1]


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  • The Zombie and Black Lantern mechanics are similar but technically different. The Zombies have the same name as their non-Zombie counterparts. They knock out the non-Zombie versions of themselves. Black Lanterns have a different name from their non-Black Lantern counterparts, which they knock out when fielded. E.g, Black Lantern Aquaman only knocks out the regularly named Aquaman.[2]


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