Cerebro: Cybernetic Intelligence

Uncanny X-Men
Collector #:
<< 62 >>
<< Cybernetic Intelligence >>
Place Cerebro on an X-Men die’s card. It remains there until you or a card effect removes it (it is still in the field). When you field a die from that card, knock out one opposing die.


  • Cerebro: Cybernetic Intelligence's effect would start on the turn it is placed on a character card. As the rulebook states, "You may purchase dice, activate Global Abilities, field characters, and use Action Dice. You can do these multiple times and in any order."[1]
  • Just like the double energy on a Basic Action Die, a player must use both energy on an action die at once or lose the additional energy. If paying for two effects, they happen sequentially. So, Professor X's Global Ability could be used twice to move two Sidekicks at one time.[2]
  • Cerebro is not a character die. Just because a die is in the field does not make it a character die. Equipment and Continuous dice are other examples of action dice being in the field.[3]




Change Target
  • Storm: Lady Liberator: Each turn, you may redirect the first 2 damage dealt to Storm by action dice to your opponent.
    Global: Pay . Change the target of an action die that targets a character die to the character die of your choice.
    • Storm's Global Ability can select a new target for Cerebro's effect, since Cerebro is an action die and is targeting a character. Cerebro's effect is what targets the character die, even though it triggers when a character is fielded.[4] Abilities that target require a player to make a set number of choices or specifically use the word target.[5]

  • Constantine: Antihero: While Constantine is active, once per turn at the end of your opponent's Roll and Reroll Step, you may make that opponent reroll an action die.

Usage Penalty
  • Jinzo: Trap Destroyer: While this monster is active, your opponent must pay 2 life to use an action die or global ability.
  • Professor X: Powerful Telepath: While Professor X is active, your opponent cannot use actions or global abilities. He or she can pay 2 life to prevent this effect for the rest of the turn.


Artist: Frank Quitely
Source: New X-Men (Vol 2001) #[6]


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