Refers to a type of playstyle that is very in control and dictating the pace of the game. Usually a control team will try to make sure everything goes their way until they are ready to win.


Control – Control is the opposite of aggro. It is about telling your opponent “no” whenever they try to do something. Control methods can be accomplished through multiple routes, but the main goal is to limit your opponents choices while you methodically build towards their destruction. Control is usually considered more of the thinking players playstyle, and with the enhanced complexity in using it, it isn’t unwarranted. Control also to want to send the game into the late game range, where their opponent can no longer answer their threats. This is a valid tournament playstyle, but for those using it, they need to practice their speed in decision making if they want to get all three games in.




[top]Sidekicks and Shields, Gaining Control of Dice Masters

“The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot.” Bill Russell

Yesterday we took a look at the 4 generic strategies in game theory and Dice Masters. Today we are going to take a closer look at sample build for my personal favorite, control.

The overall game plan is simple- stall until you can kill them with Storm activations or Magneto triggers. To keep the game stalled, you run a powerful “engine”. Most players are familiar with Professor X and know how his global works. With this team of all masks, it gets out of control very fast. As soon as turn three you can have all 8 sidekicks in your prep area and if you play conservatively they will stay there for the rest of the game. This should allow for extra early distractions or if you are playing a slower mid-range strategy you can get an early Storm. Let’s talk about the early players.

Normally you will just be buying Kitty Pryde because she is a cheap mask that can also get in for early damage if you fail to roll double masks. She also combos very well with Cerebro for easy assassinations. If you feel like you are up against an aggressive strategy or one that uses a character with an active ability (aka Magneto) you may want to go with Psylocke so you aren’t forced to buy Cerebro. Here is a look at our finishers:

99% of the time you will be buying Storm. She is a powerhouse. There is no better feeling than distracting a sidekick, following up with a Storm activation to send it to the used pile, and then hitting them for two just to top it all off. Though you rarely use Magneto, that 1% of the time you will need him is in the mirror match. You often don’t want dudes out and neither will they so Storm isn’t as good. Magneto, on the other hand, acts as a good clock to supplement any other damage you can sneak in.

Our flex spots allow us access to good answers in tough spots. Gearing Up is a great early 4-drop (note the list has no other 4-cost dice), and Beast is great for life-gain and blocking against Goblin and Black Widow. Cerebro is good for dispatching any hard-to-kill fatties. Mr. Fantastic has a great global to remove blockers or make your enemy’s sidekicks attack and go back in the bag.

Against Aggro – Watch your life total. This is the hardest match up. Let pawns go through but try to keep Goblins on the board as long as possible. That creates a wasted buy and is a great way to recycle Kitty Prydes, who roll characters. It does become a race so don’t idle too long, as they will eventually kill you with direct damage from Power Bolt or Pyro.

Against Mid-Range – This matchup is super easy. They spend a lot on medium cost guys and don’t flood the board as easily. Its easy to keep them distracted by still buying Storms. You should be able to eventually wipe their board with Storms and Cerebro, following up with an alpha strike.

Against the Mirror – get 3 or 4 low drops then move straight to Gearing Up and Magneto. Whoever sticks Magneto first normally will win this one. He is a huge blocker, guaranteed damage, and not good to just take the attacks from. Keep up on the clock and make sure your clock is faster than your opponent’s, so that he or she dies first. If you’re losing the race, start attacking.

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