Dark Magician: Dark Magic Attack (Character Card)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Series One
Collector #:
<< 79 >>
Dark Magician
<< Dark Magic Attack >>
No Affiliation
While active, whenever you draw an extra die (beyond the ones you draw at the start of your turn), draw 2 dice instead and lose 1 life.


[*]Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Clarifications:
Within the Yu-Gi-Oh!: Series One set, character dice are called "monster(s)" which are not the same as the Dungeons and Dragons sets.
Dungeon and Dragons "Monster" is an affiliation with this banner .
  • The extra dice from Dark Magician: Dark Magic Attack go to the same place that the drawn dice would otherwise go.
  • When Dark Magician is active:
    • If you block with Beast: Mutate #666 ("When Beast blocks, draw one die and place it in your prep area. *Instead draw 2 dice; place one in your prep area and the other in your used pile."), if Beast is not on his burst face, you simply draw 2 dice instead of 1, place both in your Prep Area. Lose 1 life. If Beast is on his burst face, draw 2 dice for his effect first. Place one in the Prep Area, the other in the Used Pile. Then proceed to draw 2 additional dice and place both in your Prep Area. Lose 2 life. Beast is initially sending dice to the Prep Area. The burst effect modifies this by making you choose to redirect one of the dice to the Used Pile.
    • If you field Thing: Idol of Millions ("When fielded, if your opponent has more fielded characters than you, draw and roll 3 dice (place them in your reserve pool)"), you would draw 6 dice and roll them all. You would lose 3 life.[1]





  1. ^ Beast #666 & Dark Magician Dark Magic Attack. Wizkids Rules Forum. Retrieved 6-29-2015

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