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[top]About the Game

Everything you need to know to start playing Dice Masters

Where to Start?
First timers click here.

An interactive and living rules Wiki for Dice Masters. Includes official FAQ from Wizkids.

A dictionary of keywords, common abbreviations, and slang for Dice Masters.

[top]General Information

Information about Dice Masters including past, current & upcoming sets as well as product information and organized play.

Dice Masters Sets
A list of current and upcoming Dice Masters sets.

Card Database
Search this section for information about all cards and dice included in Dice Masters.

This section lists team affiliations in Dice Masters.

Organized Play
Information about organized play and a list of organized play events and cards.

[top]Advanced Play

Strategies and team building

A collection of blogs, articles & forum posts related to playing the game.

Check this section out for information regarding frequently referenced decks.

WizKids Information Network
This section is for collected wisdom about using the WIN, from both a player's perspective and an event runner's.

Online Play
While Dice Masters doesn't currently have a convenient way to play online via software, it's actually not that hard to play online via video chat!

Theme Event Ideas and Alternate Formats
This section is for other ways to play Dice Masters, from the official Doubles format to fan-created formats like Campaign Mode and Riddler's Rumble.

Dice Storage
This section is to collect wisdom on one of the most challenging aspects of Dice Masters: how do I store all those dice?!?


Information about TheReservePool.com

The Reserve Pool Network
Information about The Reserve Pool Network podcasts.

Forum Colon Codes
How to insert common images in forum posts.

Why do forum avatars look like dice?

[top]To Do List

  • Rules: contains official rules, faqs, fan opinions on areas with no official ruling
  • Sets: e.g., AVX, UXM, YGO1, etc. Houses info about each set
  • Cards: Big database of available cards for teams
  • Basic Action Cards: Same about basic action cards
  • Keywords: for keyword powers *IN PROGRESS*
  • Affiliations: Avengers, X-Men,
  • Energy Types: Cards by energy type
  • Number lookups: We could go down a long rabbit hole linking purchase costs, fielding costs, TFCs, rarity, other stats
  • More ideas: deck types, slang, strategy articles, organized play information, other websites, specific named decks, online play options (vassal, hangouts), cross IP terminology chart.
  • New Player FAQ: which set should I start with? what are some good card and dice storage options? How do I build a good deck? etc.

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