[top]What is a "Dicevatar"?

@Ken 's totally cheesy name for the project he's been slowly working on to make your forum avatars look more like Dice Masters dice. You may have noticed that since our community site opened, when you are in the forums, your avatar is forced square with rounded corners and shaded edges. The online status indicator has always been a burst symbol in the lower left corner. That was the beginnings of trying to make them look like a die.

As of 9/22/15 he rolled out a couple more changes towards that end. For starters, you will all have a fielding cost, attack, and defense value. Have a look at a few examples:

As you can see, the effect is better on some avatars than on others. It'll improve over time, but it's a start. You'll also see that @RJRETRO is no longer the master of his own stats; take that, RJ! Actually, that's not true, but it's fun to say. It's not true because the stats do have meanings. Your attack value goes up the more posts you make, your defense goes up the longer you've been a member on the site, and your (currently not working) fielding cost goes up as you give and receive likes. On the TRP forums, a high fielding cost is a good thing! If you hover your mouse over the stats you'll get an idea of what it takes to earn each level.

Post count and the like used to appear below your avatar. Now because they are ON your avatar they are no longer listed below, saving some space. That should make for a more compact display of forum threads. But where is all this information displayed for those who don't have an avatar? The answer is that now everybody has an avatar. If you don't upload one, we'll generate one automatically for you. Have a look at a few examples:

Dicevatars haven't been ported over to the mobile theme. Ken's actually putting more time into merging the themes, having just one theme that adapts to whatever screen size you're using, than trying to port things to both of our existing themes. The new theme is a huge project, so don't expect it anytime soon.

[top]So what do the numbers mean?

[top]Attack values

(based on number of posts)

0-25: Attack value of 0
26-100: Attack value of 1
101-250: 2
251-1,000: 3
1,001-2,500: 4
2,501-10,000: 5
10,001-25,000: 6
25,001-100,000: 7
100,000-250,000: 8
250,001+: 9

[top]Defense values

(based on number of years as a member)

less than 0.25: Defense value of 0
0.25-0.5: Defense value of 1
0.5-1.0: 2
1.0-1.5: 3
1.5-2.0: 4
2.0-3.0: 5
3.0-5.0: 6 ..
5.0-7.0: 7
7.0-10.0: 8
10.0+: 9

[top]Fielding Cost

(based on number of "Likes")

Coming Soon!

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