Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
Collector #:
<< 73 >>
Doctor Strange
<< Master of the Mystic Arts >>
No Affiliation
When Doctor Octopus is blocked by more than one character, he deals his full attack value in damage to each character blocking him (instead of having to split it).


  • Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts's ability triggers when an action die is used, i.e., removed from the Reserve Pool, for its effect (not energy). It doesn't matter if the action die's effect moves it to the Field Zone, Used Pile, or Out of Play. However, when action dice use effects from the Field Zone, Dr. Strange doesn't trigger.
  • If an action has a condition that may occur, Doctor Strange's ability triggers immediately regardless of whether or not the condition for the action to happen occurs. For example, if Basic Action Invulnerability is used during the Main Step ("Your attacking characters that are knocked out (this turn) return to the field."), Doctor Strange's ability would trigger. When Invulnerability is used, it isn't clear the die will have no effect, so it can be played. If an action die said, "KO a Sidekick." and there were no Sidekicks to knock out, you couldn't use that die to get Doctor Strange's bonus since it is guaranteed to do nothing.[1]





Artist: Roger Cruz, Wil Quintana
Source: Marvel Adventures Super Heroes (Vol 2008) #5[2]


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