This is a list of all the cards in the Faerūn Under Siege set.

  1. Bronze Dragon: Minion Dragon
  2. Bronze Dragon: Apprentice Dragon
  3. Bronze Dragon: Master Dragon
  4. Cockatrice: Minion Monstrosity
  5. Cockatrice: Apprentice Monstrosity
  6. Cockatrice: Master Monstrosity
  7. Glabrezu: Minion Fiend
  8. Glabrezu: Apprentice Fiend
  9. Glabrezu: Master Fiend
  10. Gnome Ranger: Minion Harper
  11. Gnome Ranger: Apprentice Emerald Enclave
  12. Gnome Ranger: Master Lords' Alliance
  13. Half-Elf Bard: Minion Harper
  14. Half-Elf Bard: Apprentice Order of the Gauntlet
  15. Half-Elf Bard: Master Lords' Alliance
  16. Hell Hound: Minion Fiend
  17. Hell Hound: Apprentice Fiend
  18. Hell Hound: Master Fiend
  19. Hill Giant: Minion Giant
  20. Hill Giant: Apprentice Giant
  21. Hill Giant: Master Giant
  22. White Dragon: Minion Dragon
  23. White Dragon: Apprentice Dragon
  24. White Dragon: Master Dragon

    [top]FUS Basic Action

  25. Banishment
  26. Barkskin
  27. Blink - Transmutation
  28. Chainmail Armor
  29. Cloudkill
  30. Delayed Blast Fireball
  31. Flaming Sword
  32. Mordenkainen's Sword
  33. Power Word Kill
  34. Shocking Grasp

    [top]FUS Common

  35. Bahamut: Dragon of Justice
  36. Balor: Lesser Fiend
  37. Beholder: Lesser Aberration
  38. Black Dragon: Lesser Dragon
  39. Blink Dog: Lesser Fey
  40. Bronze Dragon: Lesser Dragon
  41. Bugbear Ambusher: Lesser Humanoid
  42. Clay Golem: Lesser Construct
  43. Cockatrice: Lesser Monstrosity
  44. Displacer Beast: Lesser Monstrosity
  45. Drizzt: The Exile
  46. Dwarf Wizard: Lesser Emerald Enclave
  47. Elf Thief: Lesser Harper
  48. Erinyes: Lesser Fiend
  49. Flesh Golem: Lesser Construct
  50. Gelatinous Cube: Lesser Ooze
  51. Ghost: Lesser Undead
  52. Giant Spider: Lesser Beast
  53. Glabrezu: Lesser Fiend
  54. Gnome Ranger: Lesser Harper
  55. Goblin: Lesser Humanoid
  56. Gorgon: Lesser Monstrosity
  57. Half-Orc Barbarian: Lesser Harper
  58. Half-Elf Bard: Lesser Emerald Enclave
  59. Hell Hound: Lesser Fiend
  60. Hill Giant: Lesser Giant
  61. Human Fighter: Lesser Emerald Enclave
  62. Intellect Devourer: Lesser Aberration
  63. Iron Golem: Lesser Construct
  64. Lich: Lesser Undead
  65. Lizardfolk: Lesser Humanoid
  66. Lolth: The Demon Dark Mother
  67. Oni: Lesser Giant
  68. Orcus: Demon Lord of Thanatos
  69. Potion: Lesser Spell
  70. Ring: Lesser Gear
  71. Rust Monster: Lesser Monstrosity
  72. Storm Giant: Lesser Giant
  73. White Dragon: Lesser Dragon
  74. Wraith: Lesser Undead

    [top]FUS Uncommon

  75. Bahamut: The Platinum Dragon
  76. Balor: Greater Fiend
  77. Beholder: Greater Aberration
  78. Black Dragon: Greater Dragon
  79. Blink Dog: Greater Fey
  80. Bugbear Ambusher: Greater Humanoid
  81. Clay Golem: Greater Construct
  82. Displacer Beast: Greater Monstrosity
  83. Drizzt: The Hunter
  84. Dwarf Wizard: Greater Harper
  85. Elf Thief: Greater Emerald Enclave
  86. Erinyes: Greater Fiend
  87. Flesh Golem: Greater Construct
  88. Gelatinous Cube: Greater Ooze
  89. Ghost: Greater Undead
  90. Giant Spider: Greater Beast
  91. Goblin: Greater Humanoid
  92. Gorgon: Greater Monstrosity
  93. Half-Orc Barbarian: Greater Zhentarim
  94. Human Fighter: Greater Lords' Alliance
  95. Intellect Devourer: Greater Aberration
  96. Iron Golem: Greater Construct
  97. Lich: Greater Undead
  98. Lizardfolk: Greater Humanoid
  99. Lolth: Demon Ruler of the Demonweb Pits
  100. Oni: Greater Giant
  101. Orcus: Demon Prince of Undeath
  102. Potion: Greater Spell
  103. Ring: Greater Gear
  104. Rust Monster: Greater Monstrosity
  105. Storm Giant: Greater Giant
  106. Wraith: Greater Undead

    [top]FUS Rare

  107. Bahamut: Dragon God of Good
  108. Balor: Paragon Fiend
  109. Black Dragon: Paragon Dragon
  110. Blink Dog: Paragon Fey
  111. Clay Golem: Paragon Construct
  112. Displacer Beast: Paragon Monstrosity
  113. Dwarf Wizard: Paragon Zhentarim
  114. Elf Thief: Paragon Emerald Enclave
  115. Erinyes: Paragon Fiend
  116. Flesh Golem: Paragon Construct
  117. Gelatinous Cube: Paragon Ooze
  118. Ghost: Paragon Undead
  119. Giant Spider: Paragon Beast
  120. Goblin: Paragon Humanoid
  121. Gorgon: Paragon Monstrosity
  122. Half-Orc Barbarian: Paragon Order of the Gauntlet
  123. Human Fighter: Paragon Zhentarim
  124. Intellect Devourer: Paragon Aberration
  125. Iron Golem: Paragon Construct
  126. Lich: Paragon Undead
  127. Lizardfolk: Paragon Humanoid
  128. Lolth: Demon Queen of Spiders
  129. Oni: Paragon Giant
  130. Orcus: Demon Lord of Undeath
  131. Potion: Paragon Spell
  132. Rust Monster: Paragon Monstrosity
  133. Storm Giant: Paragon Giant
  134. Wraith: Paragon Undead

    [top]FUS Super Rare

  135. Beholder: Epic Aberration
  136. Bugbear Ambusher: Epic Humanoid
  137. Drizzt: The Legendary Hero
  138. Ring: Epic Gear
  139. Deck of Many Things: Epic Magical Object
  140. Hammer of Thunderbolts: Epic Magical Object
  141. Talisman of Ultimate Evil: Epic Magical Object
  142. Robe of the Archmagi: Epic Magical Gear

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  143. Belaphoss: The Mad Demon

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