[top]Colon Codes

We’ve got a really handy feature on the site. We refer to the feature as “colon codes,” and you’ll see why shortly, but basically it is a way to insert common images into your forum posts, blog articles, wiki posts, and in comments. Need a quick bolt symbol ()? Use a colon code. Need a card image? Use a colon code.

So how do you use these colon code thingies? To insert the image you simply type its corresponding code anywhere within your message. If you then post your message or hit the preview button, you will see the result--the code you typed will be gone and an image will take its place.

All of the codes are a word surrounded by colons, which is why we call them colon codes. See that bolt image in the first paragraph? I simply typed to make that appear.

[top]What codes are available?

We’ve got the various energy types:

= bolt
= fist
= mask
= shield
= wildcard
= generic

And we’ve got card images. A LOT of card images. In fact, we pride ourselves in having the highest quality and most complete collection of card scans around. The codes for the card images are composed of the set name abbreviation followed by the collector number of the card. For example, :avx129: will give you the 129th card of the AvX set, Black Widow: Tsarina:

The set abbreviations we use are as follows:

avx = Marvel: Avengers vs. X-Men
uxm = Marvel: Uncanny X-Men
asm = Marvel: Amazing Spider-man
ygo = Yu-Gi-Oh! Series One
bff = D&D: Battle for Faerun
fus = D&D: Faerun Under Siege
jul = DC: Justice League
wol = DC: War of Light
wrf = DC: World's Finest
cwr = Marvel: Civil War
tnt = Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles
gaf = DC: Green Arrow and The Flash
drs = Marvel: Doctor Strange
dpl = Marvel: Deadpool
hhs = Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half Shell
imw = Marvel: Iron Man and War Machine

If there is an alternate art version of the card available, you can get that by adding the letter “a” (for alternate) on the end of the code, before the final colon. Here’s Tsarina’s alternate art version (code avx129a):

But let’s say you need the card in a different size. We’ve got ya covered. From largest to smallest we’ve got the following sizes available: Full, Large, Medium, Small, and Thumb. “Full” are big enough for printing quality proxies and “Thumb” are tiny (thumbnail) size card images. To get a different size, simply append one of the size names (Full down to Thumb) to the end of the code, again just before the final colon. Here’s the comparison of the range of sizes available, excluding the really big "full." This time I’ll use the SR Red Dragon from the BFF set (BFF collector number 126).

The codes I used to generate that series of images was bff126large bff126medium bff126small and bff126thumb. If you omit a size, "small" is the default.

[top]But wait, there’s more!

If you append “op” to a set name and use a number, you can get get the Organized Play cards too. Here’s Phoenix Force: Force of Nature which is the AvX OP card #13, in medium size: avxop13medium

[top]But how the heck are you supposed to remember the collector numbers?

You don’t have to. We have colon codes that will show you an index of all of the cards available in a given set. Just use a colon code starting with the set name, followed by the word “index.” Let’s say we didn’t know the code for that Phoenix Force card we just used, let’s look at the AvX index, avxindex

Pretty handy, right? A good workflow is to type the colon code for the index image, hit preview for your message, look up the needed code on the index chart shown, and then delete the colon code for the index image.

[top]A couple of final notes:

1) All colon codes are lowercase. Uppercase will not work.
2) We’re just beginning to add Justice League cards, so there is no index available for it yet, nor are all of the cards available yet. For the (so far) 75 cards we do have, all of the sizes are available.

And that, my friends, is more than you ever wanted to know about colon codes. We hope you find them useful!

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