Gambit: Le Diable Blanc (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
Collector #:
<< 74 >>
<< Le Diable Blanc >>
When fielded, draw and roll 2 dice. Field characters rolled on those dice for free; place the rest in your used pile.
Instead draw 3 dice, choose two to roll and return the other to your bag.


  • When fielded” effects trigger when a player moves that character into their Field Zone. In most instances, this occurs when a player pays a character’s fielding cost and moves the character from their Reserve Pool to their Field Zone. Some game effects allow characters to be fielded in a non-traditional fashion. For example, if a character would be fielded from Gambit: Le Diable Blanc’s ability, any “when fielded” effects on those characters would activate.[1]
  • Characters with “Draw Dice” effects—such as Gambit Ace: Le Diable Blanc—are triggered when the requirement of the card effect is met. In the case of Gambit, this is when this character is fielded. Since fielding Gambit would occur during the Main Step (which happens after the Roll and Reroll Step), dice rolled using Gambit’s effect cannot be rerolled.[2]
  • Gambit's ability to field characters for free would be overridden if the selected character card(s) has a Cerebro: Supercomputer die on it, which makes a character's dice cost a minimum of 2 energy to field.[3]





Avengers vs. X-Men
Artist: David Yardin
Source: X-Men Origins: Gambit (Vol 1) #1[5]


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