Avengers vs. X-Men
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Gearing Up
Basic Action Card
Draw two dice from your bag and roll them (place them in your reserve pool).


  • Basic Action Cards with “Draw Dice” effects— such as Gearing Up—can be used during either the Main Step or the Attack Step after blockers are assigned and before damage is dealt. The player would declare that they are using the action, draw two dice from their bag, roll them, and place the results in their reserve pool. Since both the Main Step and Attack Step happen after the Roll and Reroll Step, dice rolled using the Gearing Up BAC cannot be rerolled.[1][2]
  • If there are no dice in your bag when you need to draw new dice, immediately refill the bag with the dice in your Used Pile.[3]
  • You are not penalized when there are not enough dice in your bag and/or the Used Pile to draw two dice and fully complete this action. The rule governing the Clear and Draw step only applies to that step.[4]





Artist: David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D'Amata
Source: The New Avengers (Vol 2005) #4 Page 9[5]


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