[top]Where to Start?

[top]What is Dice Masters?

Dice Masters is an exciting collectible and competitive dice building game produced by WizKids. It features characters from some familiar and favorite intellectual properties, including Marvel, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dungeons & Dragons & DC.

[top]Where to buy the game

Players should always always always purchase their games locally from one of their friendly local game shops. Unfortunately, there isn't a handy FLGS in everyone's community. Here's a list of fine online retailers that The Reserve Pool community trusts to order their Dice Masters.



Troll and Toad

Miniatures Market

[top]Currently Released Sets

[top]Marvel Sets

[top]Avengers v. X-Men

The Avengers v. X-Men set was released in May of 2014. This set features characters based upon the popular Avengers v. X-Men Marvel crossover event. This was the first set in the Dice Masters series and launched to incredible enthusiasm. However, the set suffered from shipping delays and continual problems with supply. As of February 2015 Avengers v. X-Men starter sets still remain largely out of print and even gravity feeds come and go in limited print runs.

[top]Uncanny X-Men

Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men released in November of 2014. The set continued to build on the success of the Avengers v. X-Men set and further accelerated both organized play and local game enthusiasm. This set features characters from the Marvel's extremely popular X-Men series.

[top]Independent IP Sets


In February of 2015, Wizkids released it's third Dice Masters set, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters. As the name indicates, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters is set entirely in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe containing popular characters from the show and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

[top]Upcoming Sets

[top]DC Comics Sets

[top]Justice League

In December of 2014, WizKids announced/a brand new member of the Dice Masters' family: DC Comics: Justice League Dice Masters with a release slated for March 2015.

[top]Dungeons & Dragons Sets

[top]Battle for Faerun

On May 30th, 2014, WizKids announced a new set coming to Dice Masters, Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle For Faerun. The set was originally planned for a 4th Quarter release in 2014 but was delayed. It was then announced for a February 2015 released, but shipments have again experienced a delay.

[top]Marvel Sets

[top]Age of Ultron

In October of 2014, Wizkids announced a new Marvel Dice Masters set: Age of Ultron. This set was undoubtedly intended as a movie tie-in to coincide with the (then upcoming) release of Avengers: Age of Ultronfilm.

[top]Organized Play

[top]Official Tournament Rules

WizKids keeps a Standard Tournament Document as a resource for tournament play. As of February 2015 WizKids has yet to release any further documentation concerning tournament legal sets or guidelines for official play.

[top]WizKids Sponsored Tournaments

WizKids typically operates official tournament play through their WizKids Open system. WKO events appear regionally and typically guarantee winners a seat at the table to play in the yearly Dice Masters World Championship, which will be held at Origins Game Fair.


There are three primary events

[top]Rainbow Drafts

[top]Dice Masters Doubles





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