House Rules!

Playing it differently.

While I have not had a ton of experience playing different formats, I believe that there will always be a certain way/type of play that each of us holds dearest to our hearts. For me, I love constructed play so that I have time to plan it out, turn by turn. Then again, I do really enjoy the excitement of pulling new cards out and making it work! But we all know that even when playing something called the same name, it might be a little different in the end, so...

...I would like to discuss are those ever popular, always changing, never the same from place to place; 'House Rules'

Some of mine:

-Dice falls off table, pick it up and re-roll (seems simple but some people make you stick with what it lands on)
-No food or drink on the table while playing (off to the side or on the floor, sure we all need to stay hydrated)
-Peek at your bag, not your opponents (again a simple and obvious one)
-Always ask to see an opponents card, don't ever just grab (if I mess up my own card by bending it, it's my fault I can deal, if you mess it up...)
-Tell your Globals before starting the game (just because you have time to memorize everything about your cards doesn't mean I do)
-Keep up with your own HP (don't continually ask, "how much life do I have?", it's happen)
-While drafting, never shout what you pulled (even if it is a SR)
-Don't complain, have fun

What are some of your 'House Rules' while playing? Maybe not just literally in your house but in your near by gaming facility.

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