Human Paladin: Apprentice Harper (Character Card)

Dungeons & Dragons
Battle for Faerūn
Collector #:
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Human Paladin
<< Apprentice Harper >>
Experience (once per turn, gain a +1A / +1D token when you knock out a monster)

Global: Pay . Reduce the damage you take from a character's ability to 1.


  • The "you" in the experience mechanic description refers to you as the player.
  • Adventurers are characters with the Experience ability.
  • Minsc and Boo: "Go for the Eyes, Boo!" is not an adventurer despite gaining experience tokens.[1]
  • If multiple different character dice with Experience are active when a monster is KO'd, they each gain an Experience token for "watching" the KO. For example, if Elf Wizard and Human Paladin are both in play when you KO an opponent's Zombie with Magic Missile, and both are still in play at the end of the turn, they'll both get an Experience token.
  • Experience tokens are not removed from a character card even if all of its dice are KO'd or sent to the Used Pile. Tokens are only removed when a game effect specifically says so.
  • If a character with Experience goes through unblocked or is knocked out, it is not active at the end of the turn and would not gain an Experience token for any monster KO'd.[2]
  • Human Paladin's Global Ability cannot be used preemptively to reduce possible future damage. Only damage that will actually happen can be reduced. A "shield" cannot be set up to protect the player from a potential effect. If a player used Storm: Wind-Rider to reroll two of an opponent's character dice, resulting in two energy faces ("When fielded, reroll up to 2 opposing characters. Each die that does not roll a character goes to your opponent’s used pile. Storm deals 2 damage to your opponent for each die moved."), the opponent would have the opportunity to use Human Paladin's Global Ability to reduce that damage (from 4 or 2) to 1.[3]
  • Human Paladin's Global Ability can reduce the damage deal from Jocasta: Patterned After Janet’s ability to one. Damage resulting from Jocasta’s ability is damage from a character ability. Certain cards state that they “redirect” damage (e.g., Iron Man: Inventor, Nova: Bucket Head, Stargirl: Yankee Poodle Fangirl). Jocasta, on the other hand, does not include such language. As a result, the effect of Jocasta’s ability has two parts, (1) the original damage to Jocasta being prevented, and (2) Jocasta deals an amount of damage equal to the amount presented to the opposing player.[4]
  • Equip Clarifications





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