Human Torch: Johnny Storm (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
Collector #:
<< 78 >>
Human Torch
<< Johnny Storm >>
While Human Torch is active, each time you field a character, Human Torch deals 1 damage to your opponent and one to a target character (not 1 damage per Human Torch die).


  • Human Torch: Johnny Storm's ability is a "While active" effect that is triggered by fielding other characters. As such, it cannot be prevented by character abilities that stop "When fielded" effects, e.g., Human Paladin: Master Lords Alliance[1]
  • Human Torch's ability would trigger when one Summons a Monster as if they had fielded a character. Character dice and monster dice are interchangeable. Sidekicks in the Field Zone count as Monsters and Characters.[2]
  • Hulk: Green Goliath's ability can be activated multiple times per turn by Human Torch. For example, if your opponent has Hulk and Human Torch: Johnny Storm fielded, Hulk could be dealt 1 damage each time your opponent fields a character, causing Hulk to deal 2 damage to your characters each time he takes damage. Note that if something increases the amount of damage dealt to be "more" damage, Hulk wouldn't trigger an additional time.[3]




Ability Nullification
  • Constantine: Hellblazer: While Constantine is active, before your opponent's Clear and Draw Step, you may name a character. If that character is fielded this turn, ignore its text until end of turn and it cannot attack this turn.
  • Loki: Loki Laufeyson: While Loki is active, once per turn you may pay to deal 1 damage to a character die. That character die loses all of its abilities until end of turn. You may use this ability whenever you could use a Global Ability.

Damage Reprisal
  • Captain America: Man Out of Time: While active, each time you take non-combat damage, deal 1 damage to an opponent.
  • Hulk: Green Goliath: While Hulk is active, whenever either you or Hulk takes damage, Hulk deals 2 damage to each opposing character (no matter how many Hulks are fielded).
    He deals 3 damage instead.

Forced Attack
Forced Block
Knock Out
Prevent Fielding
  • The Joker: Clown Prince of Crime: When fielded, choose an opponent's character card, cancelling all previous choices. Your opponent cannot field that character while The Joker is active.
  • Loki: Gem-Keeper: When fielded, choose an opponent’s character card, canceling all previous choices. Your opponent cannot field that character while Loki is active. This effect lasts until you field another Loki.
  • Umber Hulk: Lesser Beast: When fielded, choose an energy type. Your opponent cannot field characters of that type next turn.

Prevent Purchase
  • Polymorph: Basic Action: Swap a fielded character with a non-NPC character from that player's used pile. Spin the character to level 1. This does not trigger "when fielded" effects.
  • Storm: African Priestess: When fielded, reroll a target opposing character. If the result is not a character, place that die in your opponent’s used pile.
  • Storm: Goddess of the Plains: When Storm attacks, reroll each of your opponent's characters. Place any die that does not result in a character in your opponent's prep area.


Artist: Bryan Hitch, Cam Smith, Andrew Currie, Karl Kesel, Paul Mounts
Source: Fantastic Four (Vol 1961) #563[4]


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