Avengers vs. X-Men
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Basic Action Card
Your attacking characters that are knocked out (this turn) return to the field.

Global: Pay . One target character gets +1A (until the end of the turn).


  • Only attacking characters can be affected by this action. If a character die was pulled from the Attack Zone by basic action Distraction and subsequently knock out by another effect, Invulnerability could not be used to return it to the field.[1]

  • Character dice that are knocked out are returned to the field, not the attack zone. Example of play:
    1. During your Main Step you play Invulnerability.
    2. During your Attack Step, you attack with some characters (including at least one Sidekick).
    3. Your opponent declares blockers.
    4. You have a chance to use Global Abilities. You use Green Goblin: Norman Osborn's global which allows you to knock out one of your Sidekick characters to deal 2 damage to a target character.
    5. This Sidekick would return to the Field Zone, but not deal damage to the blocker. An unblocked Sidekick would deal no damage to your opponent if knocked out and returned to the Field Zone with Invulnerability's effect.
    6. You could KO a Sidekick a 2nd time with Green Goblin but it wouldn't be attacking at that point so Invulnerability wouldn't return it to the Field Zone.[2]





Artist: Kano, Alvaro Lopez, Javier Rodriguez
Source: Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter (Vol 2009) #2 Page 16[3]


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