Iron Man: Inventor (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
Collector #:
<< 13 >>
Iron Man
<< Inventor >>
Each time Iron Man takes damage, reduce the damage he takes by 1.
Reduce the damage by 2 instead.

Global: Pay to redirect 1 damage from you to one of your characters.


  • If a character has a game effect that is triggered by taking damage, the ability would trigger even if the character die takes enough damage to be knocked out. If the character is knocked out by a game effect, the ability does not trigger. Effects that KO characters (or ones that move characters to different zones) are not considered damage dealt to the character.[1]
  • Iron Man's global cannot be purchased multiple times. Certain global abilities, such as that of Human Torch and War Machine need something to happen for them to react to. They may only react in the appropriate window and only react once. After the first use, you're no longer reacting to the initial damage, you're reacting to an increase in damage or in War Machine's case you're reacting to a Global and not a character dealing damage to your opponent during the Attack Step.[2][3]





Artist: Adi Granov
Source: Ironman (Vol 1998) #80[4]


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