Iron Man: Phoenix Buster (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
Avengers vs. X-Men Storyline
Collector #:
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Organized Play
Iron Man
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Each time Iron Man takes damage, you may move 1 Sidekick from your used pile to your prep area.


  • Iron Man: Phoenix Buster should read "Max: 2".[1]


  • If a character has a game effect that is triggered by taking damage, the ability would trigger even if the character die takes enough damage to be knocked out. If the character is knocked out by a game effect, the ability does not trigger. Effects that KO characters (or ones that move characters to different zones) are not considered to be damage dealt to the character.[2]
  • Iron Man: Phoenix Buster's ability allows you to move any Sidekick die from your Used Pile regardless of whether it ended up there on its character side or an energy side. Dice in the Used Pile have no memory of how they got there. There is no distinction between an ability that allows you to move "1 Sidekick" and an ability that allows you to move "1 Sidekick die" from your Used Pile.[3]





Artist: John Romita, Jr., Scott Hanna, Laura Martin
Source: Avengers vs. X-Men (Vol 1) #5[4]


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