Kitty Pryde: Shadowcat (Character Card)

Uncanny X-Men
Collector #:
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Kitty Pryde
<< Shadowcat >>
Kitty Pryde cannot be blocked on the turn she is fielded.

Global: Pay . Target character cannot attack this turn unless its owner pays 1 life.


  • Kitty Pryde: Shadowcat's ability only refers to the die fielded that turn, not all Kitty Pryde dice. The Global Ability only refers to a single character die, not all the dice of one character.[1]
  • Kitty Pryde's Global Ability cannot be combined with Mr. Fantastic's Global ("Target character must attack this turn") to force a player to attack and pay 1 life. You can't force a player to pay a cost to be able to accomplish an action. If the player doesn't want to pay the life to attack with the character, they do not have to and the character then is unable to attack so ignores the forced attack ability. When a card makes a character/die/player do something, if that character/die/player cannot do that thing, the "can't" overrides the "can". Cable can't force the X-23: Scent of Murder which can't block to be able to block. Mr. Fantastic or Phoenix: Jeannie couldn't force a character with the text, "This character can't attack," to attack.[2]





Artist: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Source: Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1963) #529[3]


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