Lyssa Drak: Future Sight (Character Card)

DC Comics
War of Light
Collector #:
<< 89 >>
Lyssa Drak
<< Future Sight >>
While Lyssa Drak is active, at the beginning of your opponent's turn, name a character. Your opponent must pay 2 life to field that character die.


Lyssa Drak: Future Sight's ability states specifically that "Your opponent must pay 2 life to field that character DIE." Not Character, as it states on Constantine: Hellblazer's ability: "If that character is fielded..." Which means that if you were to name Black Manta for Hellblazer, and if your opponent fielded ANY Black Mantas this turn, none of your opponent's Black Mantas could attack this turn, and the Black Manta character card text would be ignored. This is different from the effect of Future Sight, which means that ALL character die that are fielded this turn trigger the effect, thus if you named Black Manta, and if your opponent fielded two Black Manta die, your opponent would lose 2 life for each, equaling 4 lost life. If the card was written in the same style as Hellblazer, which is very clear, it would read: "If that character die is fielded this turn, your opponent must pay 2 life." Wording it this way eliminates some of the confusion.

One other major difference between Future Sight and Hellblazer's wording is that Hellblazer states "you MAY name a character." Future Sight states: "name a character." Thus, with Hellblazer you have the option, whereas with Future Sight, there is no option, you must name a character if she is active.





Artist: Ethan Van Sciver
Source: Green Lantern (Vol 4) #22[1]


  1. ^ Green Lantern Vol 4 #22. DC Database Wikia. Retrieved 9 August 2015.

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