Minotaur: Paragon Humanoid (Character Card)

Dungeons & Dragons
Battle for Faerûn
Collector #:
<< 109 >>
<< Paragon Humanoid >>
When assigned to attack, Minotaur captures one opposing die of a lower level. This die remains captured until the capturing die leaves the field or uses the ability again.


  • Only character dice can be captured, unless specifically otherwise stated.[1] For example, Rogue: Anna Marie is able to capture action dice, even if they're on an energy face. They die maintain their identity as action dice. A player may have an action die in his or her reserve pool on your the opponents turn if its an energy face.[2]
  • Imprisoned: Basic Action Card takes into account the total fielding cost of all the characters it is trying to capture. It only looks at the die's face that is showing. So a level 1 Professor X would not be safe from Imprisoned but a level 3 Professor X would be. Imprisoned's effect ends when cancelled, removed from the field, or through its own effect (you dealing your opponent damage). Fielding a second Imprisoned die doesn't cancel the first one.[3]
  • When Imprisoned is used, both the capturing (Imprisoned) and captured (characters) dice are physically moved to the capturing player’s Field Zone, with the capturing die on top of the captured die/dice. The captured character(s) are considered out of play but the capturing die (Imprisoned) is considered to be in the player's Field and may be targeted by other game abilities as a result.[4]
  • The active player decides the order of effects that take place due to damage dealt. If simultaneous effects are controlled by the same player, that player chooses the order of those effects. For example, if Imprisoned is used to capture all opposing blockers and Thor: Legendary Warrior attacks ("When Thor damages your opponent, knock out an opposing character."), the attacking player can choose the order in which effects occur and either let the captured characters return to the field and KO a character, or have Thor miss his chance to KO one of them, and then release the captured characters.[5]
  • If a KO'd character die has Regenerate its ability would trigger first and, if successful, would prevent Gelatinous Cube from capturing it.[6]
  • Gelatinous Cube's ability is a “While active” ability. "While active" abilities are static effects that are in play as long as that character is in the Field Zone. The Attack Zone is a subset of the Field Zone, so “While active” effects are still active when a character is in the Attack Zone. “While active” effects are not cumulative, i.e. the effects only occur once regardless of how many of that character is active in a player’s Field/Attack Zone (however, if both players have the same character active, the effects will occur once for each player).[7]
  • Each Minotaur: Paragon Humanoid and Mind Flayer: Epic Humanoid die can capture an opposing die (but only one).[8]
  • Beholder: Master Aberration's ability resolves completely before any blockers are declared. For example, Beholder could attack and use Basic Action Imprisoned, capturing sidekicks before blockers are assigned.[9] Similarly, Beholder could use Imprisoned to capture an opponent's dice and then pay for the Distraction global to pull Beholder back from the Attack Zone, preventing damage to the opponent and keeping the dice captured.[10]
  • Equip Clarifications




Ability Nullification
  • Constantine: Hellblazer: While Constantine is active, before your opponent's Clear and Draw Step, you may name a character. If that character is fielded this turn, ignore its text until end of turn and it cannot attack this turn.
  • Loki: Loki Laufeyson: While Loki is active, once per turn you may pay to deal 1 damage to a character die. That character die loses all of its abilities until end of turn. You may use this ability whenever you could use a Global Ability.

Forced Attack
Forced Block
Knock Out
  • Batarang: Tool of the Bat: KO a level 1 character.
    Instead, KO a level 1 or level 2 character.
    Instead, KO a level 1 or level 2 character and place this die in your Prep Area after using it.
  • Cerebro: Cybernetic Intelligence: Place Cerebro on an X-Men die's card. It remains there until you or a card effect removes it (it is still in the field). When you field a die from that card, knock out one opposing die.
  • Crush Card Virus: Basic Action: Knock out one of your monsters in the field to knock out an opponent's monster up to 1 level higher than yours.
  • Cyborg: Vic Stone: When Cyborg attacks, KO an opposing character that is the same level as Cyborg.
  • Deadpool: Jack: When Deadpool attacks, you may assign an opposing character to block him. At the end of the turn, knock out that character.
  • Punisher: McRook: When Punisher assigns to attack, knock out one target opposing character. Your opponent may prevent this effect by paying 2 life.
  • Purple Worm: Greater Beast: Overcrush (deal excess damage to opponent)
    When assigned to attack, knock out a character (either player's), then deal damage to your opponent equal to that character's level.
  • Psylocke: Kwannon the Assassin: When fielded, you may pay to knock out one character.
  • War Machine: James Rhodes: When fielded, if you have Iron Man fielded, knock out an opponent's character.

  • Polymorph: Basic Action: Swap a fielded character with a non-NPC character from that player's used pile. Spin the character to level 1. This does not trigger "when fielded" effects.
  • Storm: African Priestess: When fielded, reroll a target opposing character. If the result is not a character, place that die in your opponent’s used pile.
  • Storm: Goddess of the Plains: When Storm attacks, reroll each of your opponent's characters. Place any die that does not result in a character in your opponent's prep area.


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