Namor: Imperius Rex (Character Card)

Uncanny X-Men
Collector #:
<< 108 >>
<< Imperius Rex >>
No Affiliation
If Namor is the only character in your field at the end of any turn, field up to two Sidekick dice from your used pile or prep area (spin them to their character face).


  • Namor: Imperius Rex is a case of "leave me alone." A single Namor die triggers this ability, two would not. In other words, "only character" in the card text means only character die in the field.[1]
  • Generally character count abilities fall into two categories:
    1. The more the merrier. If it is something that gives a bonus based on multiple things in play, then "character" implies uniqueness and it ignores duplicates. In future releases, a card like Basic Action Teamwork would be worded as follows: "Each of your fielded characters gains +1A and +1D for each other active character you control that shares a team affiliation with it." The word active lets you know it happens no matter how many copies of that die are in the field.
    2. Leave me alone. If it is something that requires it to be the only thing in the field, then "character" is typically actually referring to individual dice and it will consider other dice, even if they are duplicates, to be "present" for purposes of determining whether the effect will trigger. This occurs on cards like the solo attack Wolverines, in the future cards like this will typically use language similar to, "If a Wolverine die attacks alone it cannot be blocked."[2]

  • Dice spent during the turn move from Out of Play to the Used Pile at the end of the turn ("The turn ends. Move all of your dice from your Out of Play Zone to your Used Pile."). When in doubt, if a die was spent during your turn, you can't access it until at least your opponent's turn.[3] If Sidekicks are knocked out and moved to the Prep Area, Namor may field them from the Prep Area as normal with his ability.[4]





Artist: Ron Lim, Scott Koblish, Rob Ro
Source: Fantastic Five (Vol 2007) #1[5]


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