Phoenix: Jeannie (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
Collector #:
<< 118 >>
<< Jeannie >>
At the end of the attack step, each character still engaged with Phoenix deals damage equal to its attack to your opponent. Knock out those characters.

Global: Pay . Target character must attack.


  • “Target character must attack” effects—such as the global ability on Phoenix: Jeannie—can be paid with their respective energy during the Main Step of your opponent’s turn to force a single target character die to attack this turn. For example, during an opponent’s Main Step, a player could use Phoenix’s global ability by paying and choosing an opposing player’s active character die. That character would be forced to attack during that player’s attack step. Players can activate “target character must attack” effects during the Attack Step, but since attackers have already been assigned (during the Assign Attackers phase of the Attack Step) the opportunity for those characters to attack has already passed and the net result would be paying for an effect, choosing a target, and the effect of the Global Ability would do nothing.[1]

  • Phoenix's global ability cannot force a target character to attack who has been prevented by some other effect. When a card makes a character/die/player do something, if that character/die/player cannot do that thing, the "can't" overrides the "can". Cable can't force the X-23: Scent of Murder which can't block to be able to block. Mr. Fantastic or Phoenix: Jeannie couldn't force a character with the text, "This character can't attack," to attack.[2]





Artist: Greg Land
Source: X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong (Vol 2005) #1[3]


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