Prismatic Spray: Greater Spell

Dungeons & Dragons
Battle for Faerūn
Collector #:
<< 96 >>
Prismatic Spray
<< Greater Spell >>
All characters are treated as if they had 1A and 1D (instead of their normal values, regardless of bonuses) until the end of the turn. Fielding costs remain unchanged.


  • Just like the double energy on a Basic Action Die, a player must use both energy on an action die at once or lose the additional energy. If paying for two effects, they happen sequentially.[1]
  • This action cannot be undone by Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter's global ability (Global: Pay when you attack. Your monsters cannot be the target of action dice or card abilities.) for two reasons:
    1. Doomcaliber Knight’s global ability only prevents new actions or abilities from targeting your monsters, it does not go back in time to undo actions or abilities that have already effected your monsters this turn.
    2. Prismatic Spray does not “target” a monster, because it affects all monsters rather than requiring a player to choose a specified number of monsters, so Doomcaliber Knight’s global ability would not prevent the effect of Prismatic Spray even if you has used it before using the Prismatic Spray. Target implies a set number of targets, not a grouping that meets a requirement.[2]




  • Magic Helmet: Greater Gear: Equip (attach to a character with ). This equipped character cannot be affected by your opponent's action dice or character abilities.

  • Constantine: Antihero: While Constantine is active, once per turn at the end of your opponent's Roll and Reroll Step, you may make that opponent reroll an action die.

Usage Penalty


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