Professor X: Principal (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
Collector #:
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Professor X
<< Principal >>
While Professor X is active, your opponent cannot reroll dice during the roll and reroll step. He or she can pay 2 life to prevent this effect for this turn.


  • While active” effects are static effects that are in play as long as that character is in the Field Zone. The Attack Zone is a subset of the Field Zone, so “While active” effects are still active when a character is in the Attack Zone. “While active” effects are not cumulative, i.e. the effects only occur once regardless of how many of that character is active in a player’s Field/Attack Zone (however, if both players have the same character active, the effects will occur once for each player).[1]
  • Professor X: Principal requires the opposing player to pay life to circumvent his effect. This 2 life is considered a cost and not the equivalent of taking damage. As a result, character effects that depend upon the opposing player taking damage would not trigger (e.g., Hulk: Green Goliath).[2]
  • When active, Scarlet Witch: Controls Probability allows any or all of dice to be rerolled one additional time during the roll and reroll step. If Professor X is active, a player cannot reroll until he or she pay life, but need only to pay once to ignore Professor X's effect and reroll once or, as allowed by an active Scarlet Witch, twice.[3]




Ability Nullification
  • Loki: Loki Laufeyson: While Loki is active, once per turn you may pay to deal 1 damage to a character die. That character die loses all of its abilities until end of turn. You may use this ability whenever you could use a Global Ability.
  • Prismatic Spray: Lesser Spell: All of your opponent's characters lose all their card text until the end of the turn.

Prevent Fielding


Artist: Stuart Immonen
Source: Ultimate X-Men (Vol 2000) #58[4]


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