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Faerūn Under Siege
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Super Rare
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Equip (attach to a character with )

Equipped character die gains Regenerate.

Global: Pay . Once during your turn you may put a NPC die from your Used Pile into your Reserve Pool on any face.

Ring of Regeneration


  • The bonus from equipment such as Magic Helmet does not stack. The equipment checks a condition: is it equipped to the character? If yes, the bonus is applied (similar to how characters with a While ____ is active... effect work). You could have two Magic Helmets, equipped to different character dice, giving them each the bonus, or two on the same character, delivering the bonus once (perhaps you're afraid they'll lose a helmet somehow).[1]
  • There are generally two ways a character can get KO'd, causing it to try and Regenerate.
    1. An effect that says it KOs a character with Regenerate. Roll the character die to see if it comes back to the Field Zone or not. Any damage that was on the character die is cleared at this time.
    2. Dealing damage to a character equal to or greater than its defense KOs it. Reroll the character die. If the character die lands on a character face, it returns to the Field Zone with no damage on it.
  • After the character die successfully regenerates, its other effect would go off, dealing any applicable damage from the Regenerate ability to all other characters. It is possible (though unlikely) that two characters with Regenerate KO each other back and forth, regenerating on their level 1 or 2 faces.[2]
  • If a KO'd character die has Regenerate its ability would trigger first and, if successful, would prevent the Gelatinous Cube: Lesser Ooze from capturing it.[3]
  • Overcrush vs Regeneration
    1. I have an 8 Attack power character with Overcrush attacking. He is blocked by 2 characters, each with 1 Defense, and each has regeneration. I assign 4 damage to each blocker, KO'ing each of them. One of the characters regenerates, and is still in the field. Will I still deal 6 damage to my opponent, because I dealt more damage than their Defense, or will I deal 0 damage, because one of the blockers is still alive?
    2. Answer: You would deal six damage to your opponent. Characters that regenerate are considered knocked out before they regenerate and, after they regenerate, they are removed from the attack zone—i.e., they are no longer blocking. The conditions for overcrush damage applying—”if this character knocks out all of its blockers”—will have thus been met in your situation. It is just the case that one of those blockers ended up regenerating later.[4]

  • If Cloudkill is used and KO's a character that has regenerate, and that character is brought back with the regenerate ability, the regenerated character would remember the cloudkill "can't block" effect.[5]





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