Slifer the Sky Dragon: Thunderforce Attack (Character Card)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Series One
Collector #:
<< 108 >>
Super Rare
Slifer the Sky Dragon
<< Thunderforce Attack >>
When summoned, knock out all opposing sidekicks. While this monster is active, sidekicks cost 3 extra energy to summon.

Global: Pay and move a sidekick die from your prep area to the used pile to deal 1 damage to target player.


[*]Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Clarifications:
Within the Yu-Gi-Oh!: Series One set, character dice are called "monster(s)" which are not the same as the Dungeons and Dragons sets.
Dungeon and Dragons "Monster" is an affiliation with this banner .
[*]Yu-Gi-Oh Summoned Clarifications:
In Yu-Gi-Oh!: Series One set: summoned is the same as "fielded" in other sets.
  • Slifer the Sky Dragon can get bonuses from Half-Dragon since it has "dragon" in its name. Half-Dragon gives bonuses to characters that meet one of two requirements:
    1. They have dragon in their name/title (Half-Dragon doesn't count because it is hyphenated). Baby Dragon and Thousand Dragon would count.
    2. They have dragon in their subtitle, AND have the D&D Monster banner. Lord of D. doesn't count toward this because he doesn't have the Monster banner even though on some cards, he has dragon in his subtitle.[1]





  1. ^ Half-dragon effect ruling. Wizkids Rules Forum. Retrieved 6-18-2015

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