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[*]If a character has a game effect that is triggered by [b]taking damage[/b], the ability would trigger even if the character die takes enough damage to be knocked out. If the character is knocked out by a [b]game effect[/b], the ability [I]does not[/I] trigger. Effects that KO characters (or ones that move characters to different zones) are not considered damage dealt to the character.[FOOTNOTE][url=]Marvel Dice Masters FAQ[/url]. Retrieved 7-14-2015.[/FOOTNOTE]
[*]Hulk's ability can be activated multiple times per turn. For example, if your opponent has Hulk and [WIKI]Human Torch: Johnny Storm[/WIKI] fielded, Hulk could be dealt 1 damage each time your opponent fields a character, causing Hulk's ability to activate each time he takes damage.
[*]Note that if something increases the amount of damage dealt to be "more" damage, Hulk wouldn't trigger an additional time.[FOOTNOTE][url=]Can Johny Storm activate Green Goliath more than once?[/url]. Wizkids Rules Forum. Retrieved 6-20-2015[/FOOTNOTE][/list]
[*]A card effect cannot be triggered multiple times by the [I]same effect[/I]. For example, if both you and Hulk take damage, Hulk's effect will only happened once regardless of how many times the requirement for his effect is met. If any other source would then deal damage to you (Hulk’s controller) or Hulk, Hulk’s ability would trigger again.[FOOTNOTE][url=]Marvel Dice Masters FAQ[/url]. Retrieved 6-20-2015[/FOOTNOTE]

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