The Attack Zone, a part of the Reserve Pool Network, is a podcast dedicated to the competitive side of the Dice Masters game from WizKids. Whether constructed or draft, store-level organized play or World Championships, we have you covered. Hosts Dave and Randy move the show through a variety of topics and regular features, all designed to help every one of us increase our understanding and level of play. The show is released biweekly on Tuesdays. For more information, articles, podcasts, forums, and online organized play, check out: http://www.thereservepool.com



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Episode # Title Release Date Length Description
TAZ#000 An Introduction 05/04/2015 4:49 Welcome to Episode Zero of The Attack Zone! This brief episode acts as an introduction to the show and what to expect moving forward.
TAZ#001 Have a Plan 05/05/2015 53:29 In this - the FIRST FULL EPISODE of The Attack Zone - Dave and Randy welcome Canadian National Champion JT to the guest's seat. We introduce everything, we go through the six-pack, and then on to our featured discussion: Having a plan and everything that it entails.
TAZ#002 DC, Draft and You 05/19/2015 1:09:27 In the second ever episode of The Attack Zone, Dave and Randy discuss drafting, especially as it's related to the DC format. What do we think about as we draft? What are some of the pitfalls that we saw people succumb to both early on in the format as well as now? What are the archetypes that we've identified that you can draft into? Dave, fresh off a draft win, and Randy, who earned the promo Wonder Woman at Nationals through a DC draft win, discuss!
TAZ#003 Deck List Visualization 06/01/2015 1:27:22 In episode three, we give you a fantastic tool for building and evaluating decks better through SWOT Analysis, but we don't stop there. We also find the right way to get there, showing how deck lists themselves are fairly useless and methods you can use to determine what the characters on your team are good for even before you've played a single game with them.
TAZ#004 Evaluating Tourney Results 06/16/2015 58:54 With the dust settling from Worlds and a few weeks before the next set is released, it's time to look at the results of the tournament. How do we do that, and do it well? What are the common pitfalls? Dave & Randy examine all of this from playtesting to deck selection. We also take the most important lessons in deck construction that we've learned and apply it to some of the teams that were used at Worlds.
TAZ#005 Resource Management & Disruption 06/30/2015 1:07:45 It's episode five! Dave and Randy take on a unique six pack - the not often drafted Avengers vs. X-Men Set! Then, we take on the main topic of the episode: Resource management. Energy and how you spend it is a vital part of Dice Masters. How can we maximize it, both in terms of when we spend it and how we spend it? What do commonly used methods of ramp and churn really get us? And how can we disrupt an opponent's engine in a way that helps give us an advantage?
TAZ#006 Draft-Impacting Commons & Uncommons 07/14/2015 47:25 It's Age of Ultron release week and that means that there WILL be drafts! With a new set comes new synergies and new ideas. To that end, we examine some commons and uncommons that we think will have an impact on the draft format. It's still early, so who knows how it holds up over time - but it's a conversation that we must have! But first, a six pack for Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters - one of the best sets that you aren't drafting!
TAZ#007 AoU Meta-Impacting Cards 07/28/2015 1:10:07 It's another Attack Zone, covering the A to Z of competitive Dice Masters! First, Dave and Randy check out an Age of Ultron six pack and discuss some of the ins and outs of AoU Draft. Then, we examine some of the cards that people have been discussing that could influence the constructed meta - Jocasta, Thanos, Gladiator, Wasp, Ultron Drone, Captain America and the sought-after Magneto! What do we think? Find out!
TAZ#008 Quadrant Theory, Revisited 08/11/2015 1:10:22 A different sort of Randy joins in for this episode! After some extensive Age of Ultron conversations, we bring in a "level up" episode to help us all build our Dice Mastery.

We begin with an Age of Ultron six pack as the draft format for this set continues to become much cleaner. What's our pick? Find out!

Our feature discussion is about a topic we first discussed months ago on The Reserve Pool to positive response: Quadrant Theory, a great way to help us evaluate cards. In this episode, we go into how it can be used as a tool when drafting or building teams.
S02E01 Real Talk 04/12/2016 58:07 The Attack Zone returns to The Reserve Pool, featuring the same competitive topics - but told through a completely new perspective. Instead of just presenting topics and working through them, we're looking more specifically at how we can use those topics to improve out own abilities with this game.

Our discussion today kicks off the new season and, hopefully, gives you the opportunity to play along at home! First off, we set our goals for ourselves so that we have an end in mind to plan for. Next, we talk about our strengths and weaknesses as players and how we can use one another to learn and improve our individual Dice Masters game.
S02E02 Netdeck, Net-LEARN! 04/26/2016 52:27 The Attack Zone returns for the second installment of its second run.

Today, we start by checking some homework to see who is responsible and who is procrastinating. Then, JT takes the center chair to bring up the topic of deck evaluation and netdecking. Given that two of the three of us find from-scratch deckbuilding to be a weakness, this is important for us, and we're sure that it's important to a lot of you, too.
S02E03 Frederick the Great 05/09/2016 58:10 Frederick the Great? How does he fit in with Dice Masters? I guess you'll have to listen and find out! Rest assured, this fits with a weakness that at least one of us identified and exemplified.

This might be our shortest podcast description ever! Hence, this filler sentence.
S02E04 O Canada 05/24/2016 45:24 Randy, JT, and Stuart talk to us from across the border while attending Canadian Nats! Listen as they discuss the tournament, their teams, and welcome some special guests!
S02E05 Comfort Zone 06/07/2016 1:01:37 This week, with some major tournaments looming, we discuss an important point of developing your Dice Masters game: Piloting outside of your comfort zone. It's something that's helped each of us learn how to improve our skills, and it just might help you too.
S02E06 TILT! 07/05/2016 56:34 This week, we're back with a new episode, covering the vitally important topic of tilt. Tilt is something that can really self-destruct your game. How can we recognize it and prevent it? Ideas abound.
S02E07 ABCs of BACs 07/19/2016 1:03:11 Rainbow Draft Weekend is coming soon, and we have you covered! Not by talking draft strategy - there are many possible sets that you can draft and we couldn't possibly fit that in. Instead, we talk about the oft-ignored skill of picking basic action cards to compliment your draft team. To help, we bring in the Oddball Narwhal himself, Jon!


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