Join Dave, Evan, and frequent guests as they discuss various topics about the Dice Masters game, from the strategic to the fun! Each episode is centered around a main discussion with various smaller segments filling in the cracks. Be sure to check out TheReservePool.com and our site's YouTube channel find more great Dice Masters content! The podcast is released weekly on Thursdays.



[top]Episode List

Episode # Title Release Date Length Description
029 I Need A Hero 12/11/2014 1:04:08 In this episode, a lot is going on. Dave and Evan catch up on the backlog of mail and announce some new features that will be coming to the site soon. Then we look at a new mechanism for Uncanny X-Men Dice Masters - Heroic Characters. What works, what doesn't, and everything in between - we'll discuss that within.
030 Guiding New Players 12/18/2014 41:50 In this episode, we clarify what we're looking for with new features. There's a bit of banter about recent gaming activities.Dave and Evan continue with mail and consider Ant Man's global and the value of alternate art cards. Our feature topic - a look at how new players can get started and how existing players can help to guide new players through the early parts of the game.
031 Best UXM Dice 01/02/2015 1:16:46 In this episode, we are thrilled to kick off the new year with another episode of The Reserve Pool. There's a bit of banter about recent gaming acquisitions. Then, we look at UXM and all of our extensive testing and unveil - our top ten favorite dice from Uncanny X-Men. It's a light and fun way to start the new year!
032 Sidekicked to the Curb 01/08/2015 44:51 In this episode, the first recorded in 2015, we take a quick look back at some of our personal gaming highlights of the past year. There's a mailbag question about attack step timing. Our feature delves into the sometimes misunderstood and disrespected die - the sidekick - and it's place in a very fearsome deck.
033 Uncanny Themes 01/15/2015 1:46:41 Dave and Evan continue their 2015 discussion by mentioning the games that they are most looking forward to this year. Chris debuts his brand-new segment about building a Dice Masters scene. We close with our feature, where we break down our top ten most thematic Uncanny X-Men Cards - as well as our dishonorable mentions!
034 DC D-Scussion 01/22/2015 1:41:04 Dave and Evan discuss the kerfuffle surrounding the Yu-Gi-Oh! dice masters set and how it's probably not too big a deal. Chris talks about some global abilities and Dave and Randy check the mail. We close with our feature, where we discuss the upcoming DC Dice Masters set and all of the information surrounding it.
035 Draft Strategy 01/29/2015 1:52:47 We open the show discussing recent gaming experiences and Dave's eternal struggle over Catan with his sister-in-law. Chris comes in to talk about his experience growing a Dice Masters community in his neck of the woods, and Dave examines a basic action card. We close with our feature, where we share tips for drafting effectively at your next Rainbow Draft event!
036 Set Release! 02/05/2015 59:24 Dave talks about recent Dice Masters games. Evan talks about how he's about to make people play it, and then both of them check the mail. Randy looks back at a character we may have forgotten about. Chris discusses a global ability that is loved by many. We close with our feature, where we celebrate the release of a new set and talk about a few abilities that have caught our collective eye.
037 DADDM, BFF 02/12/2015 1:04:08 In this episode, we talk about a couple of recent games and details about the latest contest, which must be entered by February 16th. Chris discusses events that you can use to grow your community, and Randy looks back at AvX Cyclops. We check the mail, and finally close with a feature topic that looks ahead to Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters.
038 Quadrant Theory 02/19/2015 1:11:14 Welcome to #38, and what a big show it is. Dave and Evan take the reins and reveal the winners for the recent contest, who will receive various organized play basic action cards. Then, the pair have an in-depth discussion about drafting and card evaluation using quadrant theory.
039 Know Your Role 02/26/2015 1:16:46 In this episode, we discuss the building of our own local Dice Masters scene. Randy checks in to discuss Doctor Strange with a very special guest. Then we move forward to the feature topic - knowing your role within games and how our recognition of those roles can help us win the game.
040 ROT! 03/05/2015 44:51 Dave and Evan open up this episode talking about the board-gamey ways to beat the awful weather in the Northeast. Randy tells us about his daughter's favorite superhero, Chris shares some global knowledge, and Dave examines a timely basic action. Finally, we conclude the episode by discussing the dangers of results-oriented thinking, especially in a game decided by dice.
041 Top Ten Commons 03/12/2015 1:46:41 Dave and Evan open up this episode talking about recent Dice Masters games that they've played, both in real life and over Skype. Randy discusses Colossus, and Abigail wants some M&Ms. Chris continues to discuss building a local scene at your FLGS. We have a fun feature today, talking about our top ten favorite commons (not including starter set characters) and how the D&D set may change our lists!
042 D&D Set Review - Part One 03/19/2015 1:41:04 In this special double-length episode, Dave and Evan review every single non-starter common and uncommon from the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun set. We'll continue next week with the rares, super-rares, and basic action cards. Ratings are subject to change as we play more with the set!
043 D&D Set Review - Part Two 03/26/2015 1:52:47 It's another double-length episode! This time, Dave and Evan review the basic actions, rares, and super-rates from the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun set. Then, we give our first impression of the set as a whole - all these cards! All these dice! Crazy! Ratings are subject to change as we play more with the set!
044 Top Ten Dragons 04/02/2015 59:24 We're back to some fun after the D&D reviews! This time, a special guest joins the podcast for the first time. We discuss recent gaming and how we've been trying to build things up in our town. Then, Randy shares more about some older characters and Dave discusses a basic action. Finally, we close the show discussion our favorite dragons from D&D and Yu-Gi-Oh.
045 Theme Teams 04/09/2015 1:04:08 Continuing the light tone from last week, Dave and Evan discuss recent gaming exploits as well as their plans for Nationals. Then, we dig in to some long-past-due mailbag items, including a look into the balance between lighter and heavier topics. Finally, we discuss one of those light topics - putting together fantastical teams based on different themes, what we consider when doing so, and an example or two! Listen at the end of the show for a breakdown of our Nationals coverage!
S01 Post-Nationals Car Talk 04/13/2015 1:02:14 It's our very first BONUS EPISODE - the "S" is for Special! In this special episode, Dave - coming off a Top 8 performance, and Randy - who qualified for Day 2 and also won a draft event - dissect some things about WizKids Nationals as they make the trip home. It's pretty stream-of-consciousness and much less regimented than a normal episode.

Be aware that this is in a car - there is going to be road noise and perhaps an occasional unexpected sound. You have been warned!
046 From Nationals 04/16/2015 1:16:46 In this new episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave, Evan, and Randy discuss the first day of Nationals from their hotel room in Glen Burnie, MD. It's a potpourri of topics, from the people to the gameplay to drafts and everything in between. Obviously this is taking place before the events of Day Two - so we're doing a little time travel here. Oh, and despite what we thought at the time of recording, they were indeed playing Star Trek Attack Wing at the tournament.
047 DC Set Review Part I 04/23/2015 1:51:13 Here we are again! A special double-length episode. We're taking a comprehensive look at the DC set so that you're ready for drafting goodness as soon as the set releases. Today? The commons and uncommons. Ratings are a punctuation mark on the conversation and not the final word - there are stilly plenty of games to be played with this set. Listen to the conversation more than the ratings and share your own thoughts with us.
048 DC Set Review Part II 04/30/2015 1:46:41 One more time! A special double-length episode in celebration of the new cards and dice! We're taking a comprehensive look at the DC set so that you're ready for drafting goodness as soon as the set releases. Today? The basic actions, the rares, and the super rares!

Ratings are a punctuation mark on the conversation and not the final word - there are stilly plenty of games to be played with this set. Listen to the conversation more than the ratings and share your own thoughts with us.
049 Canadian Nats and AoU Super Rares 05/07/2015 1:10:46 We throw caution to the wind and tackle TWO feature topics in this episode! We welcome Randy and his friend - Canadian National Champion JT - for plenty of discussion.

First, we look at the entire event of Canadian Nationals. What was the day like? What was JT's team all about? How will it impact the meta moving forward? Then, we flip to the new Super Rares that were spoiled for Age of Ultron. We'll discuss what we love and what is love-impaired.
050 DC Thematic Cards 05/14/2015 1:04:03 In this episode, we mark one year for The Reserve Pool Podcast! We celebrate by doing exactly what we do every other time - talk about the strategy and fun of the game. This week, we talk about recent gaming and bring back an old segment. Then, we have a lot of fun as we discuss our top ten most thematic cards from the DC Dice Masters set!
051 For Great Justice! 05/21/2015 54:28 Another week, another podcast! This time, Dave and Evan share their recent experiences playing some organized play in their respective stores, though Evan plays coy about his Team for Jerks for now. Randy reminds us about cards that we maybe didn't respect so much back in the day. Then, Dave and Evan dig into the Justice League in this set. Who are they? What do they do? Is there a team to be made? This, and more!
052 Like A Villain 05/28/2015 42:31 This is Podcast New 52! Except better than how DC did it! We start out with the "First Word," where Dave and Evan swap stories of times they forgot what team they were playing, kind of, a little bit. RJ gives us a sneak peak at the network's fourth show, In The Field. Then, Dave and Evan explore the many excellent villains that the DC set offers to us.
053 Origins Preview 06/04/2015 1:05:43 Maybe you're there! Maybe you're driving there! Maybe you're living vicariously through us! Whatever the situation, we bring you what our hopes and dreams are for Origins, and more importantly, where to eat. JT joins the show as we give Evan a week off for once! Randy visits to talk about old cards, and we take a glance at what's going on around the Network.
054 Worlds Postgame & Champion Dean Interview! 06/11/2015 51:33 It's the aftermath of worlds! Randy and... well... Randy talk about their experiences viewing from a distance. Dave cuts in to talk about all of the fun and amazing people from the convention, and then the discussion turns to the teams and what it all means moving forward. What a fun weekend!

Plus, we interview Dean, the World Champion!
055 The JSA 06/18/2015 49:47 Dave & Evan kick off this week's episode talking about a weird draft fromat as well as the times that the dice simply would Not roll on their character face. RJRETRO gives a tongue-in-cheek look at the news around the Dice Masters universe, and Randy gives us a glance at another character you may not be respecting enough.

Finally, we arrive at our feature topic - the bolt-heavy JSA and all of the good and bad that goes along with them.
056 Age of Ultron Set Review Part 1 06/25/2015 1:50:15 Once more unto the breach, dear friends! A special double-length episode. We're taking a comprehensive look at the Age of Ultron set so that you're ready for drafting goodness as soon as the set releases. Today? The commons and uncommons.
057 Age of Ultron Set Review Part 2 07/02/2015 1:24:15 Here we go again with another special double-length episode. We're taking a comprehensive look at the Age of Ultron set so that you're ready for drafting goodness as soon as the set releases. Today? The basic actions, rares, and super rares - including those elusive Zombies!
058 Building Your Local Scene 07/09/2015 48:07 In this episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave and Evan tackle one of the most important topics that we can address - building your local scene. As we've discussed in numerous articles, forum posts, and other various ramblings, a strong local scene is the grassroots for a game like this, the only way that larger events can continue to happen and be viable. We'll take you through the things that we've seen and tried and develop some "best practices" as you build and maintain your local scene!
059 Running Events 07/16/2015 39:58 Dave and Evan continue the discussion from episode number 58 and narrow the focus. Where last time we discussed building your scene, this time we look at the centerpiece of many local groups - the events. Monthly or weekly, draft or constructed, we share the things that we've found to be best practices, whether from the player's perspective or the tournament organizer's.
060 Age of Ultron Roundtable 07/23/2015 56:49 In this very special 60th episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave, Isaac, JT, and Randy gather together - in person - to discuss a plethora of Dice Masters topics. RJRetro joins remotely! We discuss everything from ways to play in person and online to our thoughts on specific cards from the new Age of Ultron set. We also talk a little bit about the games that we just played in the hours before recording this one.
061 Top Ten AvX Cards to Own 07/30/2015 1:11:43 Today's show features the soothing tones of that Prep Area producer, RJRetro! He joins Dave as they go through the AvX cards that players new and old ought to seek out. But first, Isaac checks into the economy of the game, and two Randys make a Dice Masters set from scratch! Plus, we swap stories about the biggest wins we've had.
062 GenCon 2015 08/06/2015 55:16 It's the triumphant return of the Evan himself, back from vacation and the "Best Four Days in Gaming"! This week, we share the entries for the Haiku Contest winners and runners-up. Then, we examine the whole experience of GenCon, but especially the Dice Masters parts of it. Evan got a healthy dose of Age of Ultron draft, so we're pretty excited to share that with you.

Elsewhere in the show, Randy examines the uses of She-Hulk and Isaac gives another look at the Dice Market.
063 Top Ten UXM Cards to Own 08/13/2015 44:27 Dave and Evan reunite once more to discuss the longest droughts they've had in their Dice Masters journey, and to apologize to a user for being bad at reading and at emails.

Then, Shadowmeld debuts a new segment, helping us all keep abreast of the rulings that have come out on the WizKids rules forum!

The show concludes with Dave and Evan examining the best of the best UXM cards - which ones should you make sure that you own? Find out what we think!
064 Optimism Corps 09/03/2015 1:00:35 We have a full panel for discussions today, with enough excitement that we could create our own Optimism-powered Lantern Corps! RJRetro moderates a panel featuring Dave, Patrick, and Isaac.

First, we dig into all of the cards that have been spoiled so far for the War of Light starter set and talk about our favorites - and also the ones that we don't like so much.

Next, we move into the differences between being constructive and negative and simply wearing rose-colored glasses. How can we all help the community, the game, and the company who makes it?

Finally, we get a few words in about our favorite part of the game - the community!
065 War of Light Favorites 09/10/2015 1:04:02 We're thoroughly excited for the War of Light set! And we're even more thoroughly excited to bring you information about a host of cards, including all eight super rares! You can read all about the Black Lanterns right here!

In this episode, RJ moderates a discussion with Dave, Pat, and JT about the super rare cards - what's good? What's bad? And in what order do we rank them?

Next, JT bows out and the remaining trio talk about The Reserve Pool's top ten cards that you'll find in the War of Light booster packs. We all rated these and you'll get our aggregate top ten and a few honorable mentions.
066 War of Light, Draft, and YOU! 09/17/2015 43:17 We talked about our favorite cards (that we knew about at the time) last week, and now it's time to discuss how we expect the War of Light draft to play out. Just as Fantasy Football sites put together their draft kits so that you would know which quarterback to take and who to leave behind, Dave and RJ try to discern exactly what will be prevalent at those War of Light drafts!

We also discuss drafting for rarity vs. drafting to win (which sparks an existential debate within Dave) and what you want to think about when bringing basic action cards to the draft table.
RPmini 001 Dave Says Goodbye 10/07/2015 27:46 We decided to put out a mini-podcast this week so we could give Dave an opportunity to say goodbye. In case you missed it, he has decided to step down as the Editor-in-Chief of The Reserve Pool, and RJRETRO will soon be taking over.

On this very special "mini-podcast", you'll hear from the founder himself, plus Shadowmeld and IsaacBV will have their segments you'd normally hear on The Prep Area.

We will attempt to bring you one mini-podcast a week until we are ready to launch Season Two.
RPmini 002 100% Shadowmeld 10/14/2015 19:53 This isn't an actual conversation, but it's pretty much what happened.

RJ: "Hey, I'm going to need some time off while I focus on work. We'll have to put the podcast on hiatus until we are ready to re-launch."

Shadowmeld: "Okay, sure. Hey, do I have to take time off?"

RJ: "Well, no..."

Shadowmeld: "What if I record, edit and do everything for the episode? Can I keep doing that?"

RJ: "Well, sure, but you'll have to do more work and..."

Shadowmeld: "Episode is done for this week!"

What can I say? Dude is dedicated.
RPmini 003 Full Podcast Returns Next Week! 10/28/2015 27:12 I am happy to announce that The Reserve Pool Podcast officially returns with a full episode next week!

There have been some big changes here, and I believe we have the infrastructure in place to keep things moving forward. Be on the lookout for the new edition of the podcast next Thursday!

In the meantime, here is another mini-podcast to help tide you over.
S02E01 Goodbye WoL, Hello ASM! 11/12/2015 1:01:06 I am happy to announce that The Reserve Pool Podcast officially returns with a full episode This week!

We bring together Isaac, Shadowmeld, Paul and Trubie together to say goodbye to War of Light, it's best cards, worst cards and our overall impressions. Then, we take a peak at some of the game mechanics from Amazing Spider-Man, and highlight some of our favorite spoilers and our hopes for the set.
S02E02 All Things Spider-Man 11/19/2015 34:00 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN IS HERE!

On today's podcast we review our favorite characters from the starter set and give you a team that you can build using some starter characters. Isaac and JT join us for the Starter discussion and Isaac also has some words of wisdom on how to read your opponent in the Transition Zone.
S02E03 Let's Give Thanks 11/26/2015 39:25 Welcome back folks and Happy Thanksgiving! Today we have a shorter discussion session between Isaac and I where we talk about Dice Masters news, site updates and all the things we are thankful for this holiday! Hope you enjoy the listen, and keep an ear out for a new team, next time!
S02E04 Let the Season Begin 12/03/2015 1:04:44 Welcome back folks! Here is this week's podcast episode, entitled "Let the Season Begin". Today Isaac and Shadowmeld talk about the new PDC competitive season and what things to keep in mind while preparing.

Later, the pair returns to talk about a team Shadowmeld is calling "Drone Strike", and all villain and mostly Marvel team!
S02E05 Reading the Spider Rainbow 12/10/2015 1:04:47 Isaac and Shadowmeld get together to talk about all of the best draft cards in the Amazing Spider-Man set, as well as some of the best cartoons ever created.
S02E06 Dice the Halls 12/17/2015 1:21:22 Today's Episode will be the last one before our holiday break. As such we bring you an extra long one.

Today we've got Isaac and Shadowmeld talking about their favorite gifts of the past, news of the competitive events coming up and run down of some great gift ideas for the Dice Master in your life.

Lastly, we unveil Shadowmeld's PDC team and give you the break down of all the pieces of his "Hulk Meta".
S02E07 The Force Awakens 01/07/2016 1:17:10 This week's episode we return from break with a load of breaking news. Info on Wizkid Opens, Pro Dice Circuit events and upcoming OP kit releases. We also open up an all call for new staff here at The Reserve Pool, with a post to follow soon. Lastly, we talk about our Christmases and our favorite Holiday stories.
S02E08 Formatting Your Team 01/13/2016 51:46 In this episode Isaac and Trubie discuss alternate formats of Dice Masters from Little Cup to Standard. Then Trubie walks folks through his Standard team from his most recent event.

Shadowmeld is out due to Laryngitis and we apologize for Trubie's background noise, his system isn't fully set up for optimal recording. This will be fixed in future episodes.
S02E09 Dice Quirks 01/21/2016 1:09:47 Shadowmeld, Trubie, and Isaac discuss the latest news and all of the different things our scenes do that other scenes don't, our Dice Quirks.
S02E10 Faerun Under Siege Super Rare Review 01/28/2016 1:12:14 Isaac, Trubie, and Shadowmeld discuss this week's myriad of D&D 2 Faerun Under Siege spoilers fond on The Reserve Pool this week. We rank our top 8 Super Rares and discuss our favorite starter characters and Basic Actions.
S02E11 Keywords 02/04/2016 1:09:34 This week, Isaac and Shadowmeld talk about the flurry of activity on the Rules Forum and discuss the myriad of keywords in the new D&D Faerun Under Siege set.
S02E12 WKO Preperation 02/12/2016 58:16 A bit late as we were opening our D&D packs, but today Isaac and Shadowmeld talk about news, their favorite D&D 2 card and how to prep for the WKO.

Additionally, Shadowmeld has a new team to try out, no team link though, until D&D 2 hits Retrobox.
S02E13 Faerun Under Siege Top Ten List 02/18/2016 1:23:12 This week Isaac and Shadowmeld bring you The Reserve Pool staff's top ten list of best unlimited cards in the D&D Faerun Under Siege set.

We also talk about news and give our favorite art piece of the set!
S02E14 Road Trip Edition 02/25/2016 1:16:57 JT, Randy, and guest Jay all hop in JT's jalopy cruise down to Detroit for the WKO. On the way there they talk team expectations and all things Dice Masters, on the way back, summary and event details abound! Oh, did I mention some one in top 2?
S02E15 WKO Wrap-up and Team Superman 03/03/2016 1:10:43 This week Isaac and Trubie discuss all things WKO and give us a run down off Team Superman from the upcoming World's Finest set.
S02E16 The Batman Family Spoilers 03/10/2016 1:30:00 Isaac, Shadowmeld, and Paul talk all things Batman Family and bring your the news about the second wave of WKOs.
S02E17 Faerun Under Siege Drafting and World's Finest Villains 03/17/2016 1:27:39 Isaac and Stuart discuss the new World's Finest Villains spoilers and then talk about their experiences drafting Faerun Under Siege.
S02E18 Winning 03/24/2016 1:26:13 This week on the podcast Isaac, Stuart, and Shadowmeld talk about Win Conditions. What they are, how to classify them and what cards make up some of the most common in the current meta.
S02E19 Alternate Evil 03/31/2016 57:38 This week Isaac is on vacation and Shadowmeld tries to pick up the slack. Stuart joins him to talk about alternate time lines, how to set your collecting expectations and brings you an all villains team!
S02E20 How to: Economy 04/07/2016 1:15:35 Isaac, Stuart, and Shadowmeld talk about a busy Rules Forum week and the ins and outs of Economy in competitive Dice Masters.
S02E21 World's Finest Draft 04/14/2016 1:15:24 This week, Isaac and Shadowmeld talk about the World's Finest draft pool, Riddler's Rumble game format and the weather.
S02E22 Ban-ded Together 04/21/2016 1:09:46 This week Isaac, Stuart and Dave discuss news, the recent ban and meta rotations in general.
S02E23 What Do I Click On? 04/28/2016 1:07:03 Isaac and Shadowmeld discuss news and The Website, then ask what you like and what you might want to see changed in the future.
S02E24 Mexican Nationals 05/05/2016 1:02:40 Isaac and Shadowmeld debrief Stuart on his adventure to Mexican Nationals.
S02E25 Civil War Begins 05/12/2016 1:02:52 Isaac, Stuart, and Shadowmeld talk about the new Civil War set.
S02E26 WKO2 Chat and Discussion 05/18/2016 1:09:03 Isaac, Stuart, and Trubie discuss their WKO2 experiences.
S02E27 Civil War Draft 05/26/2016 1:00:42 Isaac, Shadowmeld, and Oddballnarwahl talk all things Civil War Draft!
S02E28 Origins Prep Part 1 06/02/2016 58:46 Back from a Summer Holiday, Stuart, Isaac and Shadowmeld discuss preparing for Origins over the next two weeks.
S02E29 Origins Prep Part 2 06/09/2016 56:38 Isaac, Stuart and Shadowmeld give all the details and low-down about Origins and surviving the Con experience.
S02E30 Origins Part 1 Nationals 06/23/2016 1:07:09 Isaac and Stuart recap the Wizkids Fan Appreciation event and give the low down on 2016 Nationals.
S02E31 Origins Part 2 Worlds 06/30/2016 1:26:44 An interview with JT about being US National champ, plus Isaac, Stuart, and Shadowmeld discuss Worlds Qualifiers and the Worlds Competition. This podcast will wrap up our Competitive podcasting season, expect a more casual approach next week.
S02E32 Meta Meets Local 07/07/2016 1:00:53 Isaac, Styart and Dave invite some young friends over to do an interview, then discuss moving from a meta mindset to one of local sustainability.
S02E33 Starters! 07/14/2016 1:05:46 Stuart and Isaac talk all things starters this episode! Squirtle, Charizard and Bulbasaur! PS if you haven't started Go yet, you can get a Pikachu starter.
S02E34 Mask-erade 07/21/2016 1:09:01 Isaac, Stuart and Oddball discuss their top 10 Mask characters!
S02E35 Agents of Shield 07/28/2016 1:09:53 Isaac, Stuart and Shadowmeld discuss their top ten shield energy type characters.


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