Theme Event Ideas and Alternate Formats

Dice Masters is a great game, but every now and then we get the itch to change things up a bit. Turns out, there are a lot of different ways you can have fun rolling dice!

Theme Event Ideas

Over the years, people have come up with a LOT of different "theme" event ideas. These are just different restrictions or requirements on how you can build your team to add to the official "Modern" and "Golden" formats. For example, "Little Cup" is a popular format the requires you to build your team entirely out of common rarity cards.

There are a few different repositories of these ideas across the internet. This is a Wiki, so please feel free to update this list to add new ones or remove broken links or outdated resources!
Google Sheet list (anyone can edit)
GitHub collection


This is an official Wizkids alternate format of 2 vs 2. Most of the game aspects are the same, but there are some notable differences - each teammate only picks out four characters instead of the usual eight, but they both share a prep area, meaning if they can get one of their characters in Prep, they can pass that character to their partner. Check out the full rules on WizKids' website.

Riddler's Rumble

An original @Shadowmeld creation, Riddler's Rumble randomizes your dice buying.

Campaign Mode

Cooperative Dice Masters! One player acts as a "Dungeon Master," and the rest of the players battle as a team.

Kitchen Table Collection Draft

All the fun of drafting, using cards & dice you've already bought.

Injustice Campaign

Multi-game event modeled after the Injustice storyline from DC.

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