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Thrown Car
Basic Action Card
Two of your target characters get +1A. While attacking, damage that those two characters deal in excess of the total defense of blocking characters is dealt to your opponent. (Overcrush)
Alternate Art


  • Thrown Car can be played even if you have only 1 character in play.[1]
  • The "total defense of blocking characters" refers to the total defense of the characters blocking the attacking die affected by Thrown Car, and does not take into account the defense of characters that may be blocking other attackers.[2]
  • Thrown Car gives the same ability as Overcrush. Example of play:
    1. Quicksilver: Former Villain deals 1 damage to each opposing character when blocked. If he's targeted by Thrown Car and blocked, his ability deals damage first.
    2. Since Quicksilver is targeted by Thrown Car, he Overcrushes over his blocker(s).
    3. If the initial damage dealt by Quicksilver's ability KOs his blocker, all of his attack damage would go through to the defending player.[3]

  • A character targeted with Thrown Car deals its damage in excess of the total defense of all blockers to the opponent. This is not the same as dealing its damage in excess of each blocking character. In most cases the results may be the same but not always. For example:
    1. Doctor Octopus: Mad Scientist deals his full attack value in damage to each character blocking him (instead of having to divide his attack between blockers).
    2. If a level 3 Doctor Octopus (8A/8D) is targeted with Thrown Car (+1A) and three Sidekicks are assigned to block, he would deal 9 damage to each Sidekick, their defense being only 1. Given the Overcrush ability of Thrown Car, the damage dealt to the opponent in excess of the total defense of all blockers would be 24 (27A-3D=24).
    3. If Doctor Octopus was blocked by 3 characters, one with 20 defense, and two each with 1 defense, he would deal 5 damage to the opponent (27A-22D=5).[4]

  • If an attacker with Overcrush attacks and the blocker is removed or knocked out (e.g., by a Global Ability or action) and has no other blockers, all damage would be dealt to the opponent’s life.[5]
  • Per the rules, all blockers must be knocked out for Overcrush damage to be dealt to the opponent.
  • Overcrush only applies damage to blockers up to the point at which the damage is sufficient to knock the blockers out, and then applies the remaining damage to your opponent.
  • Characters that Regenerate, e.g., Deathstroke: Slade Wilson are considered knocked out before they regenerate and, after they regenerate, are removed from the attack zone, i.e., they are no longer blocking. The conditions for Overcrush damage applying—”if this character knocks out all of its blockers”—will have thus been met.[6]
  • Captain America: Super Soldier does not reduce Overcrush damage. Damage to a player from a blocked attacker with Overcrush is combat damage, not ability damage. This is due to the fact that Overcrush simply affects the allocation of already assigned combat damage (i.e., “it deals any leftover damage to your opponent”) rather than generating a new source of damage.[7]
  • The fact that the language in the parentheses on Anger Issues: Basic Action Card is different from the language in the rulebook does not mean that the Overcrush ability granted by Anger Issues is any different than the ability as defined by the rulebook. Language in parentheses on cards are there as a reminder regarding issues implied by the rules, and do not substantively impact play.[8]





Artist: Michael Lark, Frank D'Amata Joe Schuster, Jack Adler
Source: Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol 2004) #11[9] Action Comics (Vol 1938) #1[10]


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