Toad: Sniveling Servant (Character Card)

Uncanny X-Men
Collector #:
<< 90 >>
<< Sniveling Servant >>
While Toad is active, when your opponent commits a character to attack, choose one opposing character who must also attack. If Toad blocks that character, cut its attack value in half (round down).


  • While active” effects are static effects that are in play as long as that character is in the Field Zone. The Attack Zone is a subset of the Field Zone, so “While active” effects are still active when a character is in the Attack Zone. “While active” effects are not cumulative, i.e. the effects only occur once regardless of how many of that character is active in a player’s Field/Attack Zone (however, if both players have the same character active, the effects will occur once for each player).[1]
  • Toad: Sniveling Servant's ability triggers every time your opponent commits a character to attack but Toad is not forced to attack by his ability.
  • Toad's ability only works once per character committed to attack no matter how many Toad's are fielded, due to this being a "While active" ability.
  • Characters forced to attack by other effects still trigger Toad's ability.
  • If an opposing character would be required to pay a cost to attack, Toad's ability cannot force them to attack.[2]
  • Toad's ability does not create a chain reaction. Characters forced to attack because of Toad do not trigger his ability and make another character attack.[3]




  • Emma Frost: White Queen: When fielded, you may pay to replace an opposing character with a Sidekick from the opponent's used pile.
  • Polymorph: Basic Action: Swap a fielded character with a non-NPC character from that player's used pile. Spin the character to level 1. This does not trigger "when fielded" effects.
  • Storm: African Priestess: When fielded, reroll a target opposing character. If the result is not a character, place that die in your opponent’s used pile.
  • Storm: Goddess of the Plains: When Storm attacks, reroll each of your opponent's characters. Place any die that does not result in a character in your opponent's prep area.


Artist: David Finch
Source: X-Men: Legacy (Vol 2008) #209[4]


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