• In Marvel Dice Masters, Villains are characters with the Hydra symbol (). In DC Comics Dice Masters, Villains are characters with the red stylized V symbol (). Certain abilities may give individual dice the Villain affiliation temporarily. A Villain is a Villain no matter the symbol, no matter the IP of origin.
  • Villain and Evil are two different designations. Evil is an alignment, Villain is a team affiliation. If there were cards that operated based on affiliations or alignments, they would not be the same.[1]



  • The Joker: Unpredictable: When fielded, the Joker cannot be blocked by non-Villains this turn.
  • Juggernaut: Kuurth: If your opponent has no Villains in the field, each Juggernaut die can block one additional opposing die (no matter how many Juggernaut dice you have fielded).
  • Vision: Phasing: Gets +2A when blocked by a non-Villain character die.

Character Swapping
  • Atomica: Trinity War: While Atomica is active, once per turn during your Main Step, you may swap her with a Villain die in your Reserve Pool.
  • Polymorph: Basic Action: Swap a fielded character with a non-NPC character from that player's used pile. Spin the character to level 1. This does not trigger "when fielded" effects.

Damage Prevention
  • Apocalypse: Archvillain: While your opponent has no Villain characters fielded, prevent all damage to Apocalypse.
  • Deathstroke: Weapons Master: When Deathstroke is fielded, deal 1 damage to opposing player for each Villain you control.
  • Emma Frost: Archvillain: If your opponent has no Villain characters active, prevent all damage to Emma Frost from characters.
  • Iron Man: Industrialist: Cancel all damage that Villains deal to Iron Man.
    Double Iron Man’s attack value while he is engaged with a Villain.
    Global: Pay . Target character gains the Villain affiliation.
  • Iron Man: Upright: Iron Man takes 1 less damage from Villains.
    Iron Man takes 2 less damage instead.
    Global: Pay . Target character gains the Villain affiliation.

Direct Damage
  • Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes: While Blue Beetle is active, whenever a Villain is fielded, Blue Beetle deals 1 damage to an opposing player.
  • Magneto: Hellfire Club: While Magneto is active, if your opponent has no Villains in the field, he takes 2 damage each time he draws one or more dice from his bag.
  • Mister Sinister: Nasty Boy: While Mr. Sinister is active, whenever a Villain is knocked out (either player's), deal 1 damage to your opponent.
    Global: Pay . Each player chooses one of his characters to take 3 damage.

  • The Outsider: Trinity War Basic Action: Draw a die from your bag. If it is a Villian die, field it on its level 2 side without paying its fielding cost. Otherwise, put the die into you Used Pile and if it was a Sidekick die, put this die in your Prep Area.
  • Sinestro: Instills Fear: While Sinestro is active, all other Villains cost 1 less to field.
    Global: Once per turn pay . Target Villain gets +1A until end of turn.
  • Harley Quinn: Leadership Skills: While Harley Quinn is active, non-Harley Quinn character dice cost 1 less to field.
    The Joker character dice are free to field.

Level Spinning
  • Magneto: Holocaust Survivor: While Magneto is active, you may pay 2 energy to spin a Villain up one level.
    Global: Pay to reroll a Villain die.

Prevent Targeting
Stat Modification
  • Red Skull: "Hail Hydra!": Teamwatch - when you field a character who shares an affiliation with Red Skull, spin down all of his characters one level or spin up all of your character dice one level (your opponent chooses).
  • Vision: Negotiator: Teamwatch - When you field a character from the same team, deal 1 damage to a non-Villain character die.


  • Batarang: From Wayne Enterprises: Deal 1 damage to a Villain, then 2 damage to another Villain and continue selecting Villains, increasing the damage by 1 until all Villains have been selected.
  • Hyperion: Atomic Vision: Once per turn, when Hyperion is blocked by a double his attack.
  • Hyperion: Avenger: While Hyperion is active, characters can’t use their “when fielded” effects.
  • Hyperion: Eternal: Teamwatch - when you field a character who shares an affiliation with Hyperion, deal 2 damage to a Villain.
  • Mjolnir: Fist of the Righteous: Deal 6 damage to each Villain.
    Deal 8 damage to each villain instead. Global: Pay to deal 1 damage to a target character.
  • Takedown: Basic Action Card: Deal 2 damage to a non- character. If it is a Villain, deal 4 damage instead.
    Global: Pay . Target character is gains the Villain affiliation until the end of the turn.
  • Take That, Villain!: Basic Action Card: Deal 3 damage to a Villain.
    Deal an extra 1 damage to that Villain.

Knock Out
  • Captain America: Special Ops: When fielded, move an opposing Villain to the prep area.
  • Emma Frost: White Queen: When fielded, you may pay to replace an opposing character with a Sidekick from the opponent's used pile.
  • Polymorph: Basic Action: Swap a fielded character with a non-NPC character from that player's used pile. Spin the character to level 1. This does not trigger "when fielded" effects.
  • Storm: African Priestess: When fielded, reroll a target opposing character. If the result is not a character, place that die in your opponent’s used pile.
  • Storm: Goddess of the Plains: When Storm attacks, reroll each of your opponent's characters. Place any die that does not result in a character in your opponent's prep area.

[top]Character Cards

Avengers vs. X-Men
Doctor Doom - Reed Richards' Rival
Doctor Doom - Nemesis
Doctor Doom - Victor
Doctor Octopus - Megalomaniac
Doctor Octopus - Fully Armed
Doctor Octopus - Mad Scientist
Green Goblin - Goblin-Lord
Green Goblin - Norman Osborn
Green Goblin - "Gobby"
Loki - Trickster
Loki - Illusionist
Loki - Gem-Keeper
Magneto - Former Comrade
Magneto - Holocaust Survivor
Magneto - Sonderkommando
Mystique - Unknown
Mystique - Shapeshifter
Mystique - Could Be Anyone
Venom - Eddie Brock
Venom - Mac Gargan
Venom - Angelo Fortunato

Uncanny X-Men
Apocalypse - Awakened
Apocalypse - Archvillain
Apocalypse - Time of Testing
Apocalypse - Earth-295
Beast - Nefarious Geneticist
Emma Frost - Archvillain
Emma Frost - Hellfire Club
Emma Frost - White Queen
Juggernaut - Cain Marko
Juggernaut - Unstoppable
Juggernaut - Archvillain
Juggernaut - Kuurth
Magneto - Field Control
Magneto - Will to Live
Magneto - Archvillain
Magneto - Hellfire Club
Mister Sinister - Archvillain
Mister Sinister - Nasty Boy
Mister Sinister - Nathaniel Essex
Mystique - Ageless
Mystique - Raven Darkholme
Mystique - Alias: You
Phoenix - Dark Phoenix
Pyro - Saint-John Allerdyce
Pyro - Pyrokinetic
Pyro - Uncontrolled
Quicksilver - Villainous
Sabretooth - Something to Prove
Sabretooth - Survivor
Sabretooth - Superpowered
Scarlet Witch - Wanda Maximoff
Sentinel - Mutant Hunter
Sentinel - Archvillain
Sentinel - Robot
Sentinel - Omega
Toad - Tongue Lashing
Toad - Sniveling Servant
Toad - Mortimer Toynbee

Justice League
Darkseid - God of Apokolips
Darkseid - In Search of Anti-Life
Darkseid - Immortal
Darkseid - Omega Beams
Deathstroke - Slade Wilson
Deathstroke - The Terminator
Deathstroke - Villain for Hire
Deathstroke - Weapons Master
Black Manta - David
Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant
Black Manta - Artificial Gills
Brainiac - Terror of Kandor
Brainiac - Collector of Worlds
Brainiac - Twelfth-Level Intelligence
Captain Cold - Leonard Snart
Captain Cold - Leonard Wynters
Captain Cold - Master of Absolute Zero
Catwoman - Femme Fatale
Cheetah - Cursed Archaeologist
Cheetah - Powered by Urkartaga
Cheetah - Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
Harley Quinn - Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn - Femme Fatale
Harley Quinn - Psychopathic Psychiatrist
The Joker - Unpredictable
The Joker - Clown Prince of Crime
The Joker - Red Hood
Lex Luthor - Power Suit
Lex Luthor - Former President
Lex Luthor - Billionaire Industrialist
Sinestro - Instills Fear
Sinestro - Order Through Fear
Sinestro - Sinestro Corps Leader
Solomon Grundy - Born on a Monday
Solomon Grundy - Died on a Saturday
Solomon Grundy - Buried on a Sunday


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