This is a list of all the cards in the War of Light set.

  1. Anti-Monitor: Enemy of the Multiverse
  2. Anti-Monitor: Symbol of Fear
  3. Anti-Monitor: Universal Destruction
  4. Batman™: Bruce Wayne of Earth
  5. Batman™: Cowardly and Superstitious Lot
  6. Batman™: Instill Great Fear
  7. Guy Gardner: Blinding Rage
  8. Guy Gardner: Seeing Red
  9. Guy Gardner: Warrior’s Spirit
  10. Hal Jordan: Green Lantern
  11. Hal Jordan: Highball
  12. Hal Jordan: Test Pilot
  13. John Stewart: Architect
  14. John Stewart: Compassionate
  15. John Stewart: Indigo Tribe
  16. Kyle Rayner: Artist
  17. Kyle Rayner: Dreamer
  18. Kyle Rayner: Look To The Stars
  19. Lex Luthor: Greed
  20. Lex Luthor: Legitimate Businessman
  21. Lex Luthor: Xenophobe
  22. Sinestro: Corps Namesake
  23. Sinestro: Greatest Lantern of Them All
  24. Sinestro: Thaal Sinestro of Korugar

    [top]WoL Basic Action

  25. Big Entrance
  26. Enormous Destruction
  27. Heroic Defense
  28. Lethal Force
  29. Monument to Evil
  30. Relaxing
  31. Stealth Ops
  32. Vicious Struggle
  33. Fighting
  34. You've Been Chosen

    [top]WoL Common

  35. Anti-Monitor: Warp Reality
  36. Atom: Dr. Ray Palmer
  37. Atrocitus: Atros of Ryut
  38. Batman™: Fear as a Weapon
  39. Beast Boy: Gar
  40. Bleez: Victim
  41. Carol Ferris: Star Sapphire
  42. Dex-Starr: Dexter of Earth
  43. Fatality: Yrra Cynril
  44. The Flash: Barry Allen of Earth
  45. Guy Gardner: Heated
  46. Hal Jordan: Fearless
  47. Indigo-1: Iroque
  48. Jade: Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
  49. John Stewart: Marine
  50. Kilowog: Drill Instructor
  51. Kyle Rayner: Hopeful Will
  52. Lantern Battery: Speak The Oath
  53. Lantern Ring: Not Just Jewelry
  54. Larfleeze: Avarice
  55. Lex Luthor: Egomaniac
  56. Lyssa Drak: Keeper of the Book of Parallax
  57. Mera: Queen of Atlantis
  58. Miri Riam: Beacon In The Dark
  59. Mogo: Living Planet
  60. Mongul: Usurper of the Corps
  61. Munk: Empath
  62. Parallax: Source of Terror
  63. Ranx: Sentient City
  64. Raven: Rachel Roth
  65. Saint Walker: Bro'Dee Walker of Astonia
  66. Scarecrow: Dr. Jonathan Crane
  67. Sinestro: Fears Made Into Light
  68. Spectre: Divine Retribution
  69. Starfire: Princess of Tamaran
  70. Superboy Prime: Clark Kent of Earth Prime
  71. Supergirl: Angry Alien
  72. Warth: Peace Be With You
  73. Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark
  74. Wonder Woman: Loved by the Gods

    [top]WoL Uncommon

  75. Atom: Great Compassion
  76. Atrocitus: Raging Vengeance
  77. Beast Boy: Changeling
  78. Bleez: Winged Fury
  79. Carol Ferris: Link Between Hearts
  80. Dex-Starr: Rage Kitty
  81. Fatality: Bounty Hunter
  82. The Flash: A Promise of Hope
  83. Indigo-1: Merciful Leader
  84. Jade: Daughter of the Golden Age
  85. Kilowog: Brute Force
  86. Lantern Battery: Recharge
  87. Lantern Ring: Power Ring
  88. Larfleeze: One-of-a-Kind
  89. Lyssa Drak: Future Sight
  90. Mera: Mournful Rage
  91. Miri Riam: Unextinguished Devotion
  92. Mogo: Planet-Sized Will
  93. Mongul: Black Mercy
  94. Munk: Compassionate Protector
  95. Parallax: Shattered Will
  96. Ranx: Malevolent Metropolis
  97. Raven: Trigon's Heir
  98. Saint Walker: Hopeful Hero
  99. Scarecrow: Fear Gas
  100. Spectre: Blinded By Sin
  101. Starfire: Outlaw
  102. Superboy Prime: Shattered Reality
  103. Supergirl: Enraged
  104. Warth: Brother
  105. Wonder Girl: Silent Armor
  106. Wonder Woman: Aphrodite's Emissary

    [top]WoL Rare

  107. Atom: Professor of Physics
  108. Atrocitus: Bloody Leader
  109. Beast Boy: Animal Magnetism
  110. Bleez: Controlled Rage
  111. Carol Ferris: True Love
  112. Dex-Starr: "I good kitty."
  113. Fatality: Forgiving Heart
  114. The Flash: Believe in the Impossible
  115. Indigo-1: "Nok!"
  116. Jade: Empowered by the Starheart
  117. Kilowog: Poozer
  118. Lantern Ring: Limited Only By Imagination
  119. Larfleeze: MINE!
  120. Lyssa Drak: Fear of the Unknown
  121. Mera: Furious Fatale
  122. Miri Riam: Capable of Great Love
  123. Mogo: Doesn't Socialize
  124. Mongul: Ruler of Warworld
  125. Munk: New Guardian
  126. Ranx: Blot Out the Stars
  127. Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!
  128. Saint Walker: "All Will Be Well."
  129. Scarecrow: Hallucinogenic Phobias
  130. Spectre: Celestial Frenzy
  131. Superboy Prime: Troublesome
  132. Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton
  133. Warth: Hope Burns Bright
  134. Wonder Girl: Barbed Lasso

    [top]WoL Super Rare

  135. Lantern Battery: Power Source
  136. Parallax: Fear
  137. Starfire: Koriand'r
  138. Wonder Woman: Princess Diana of Earth
  139. Black Lantern Aquaman: From the Depths
  140. Black Lantern Batman™: Blackest Knight
  141. Black Lantern Superman™: Krypton's Fall
  142. Black Lantern Wonder Woman: Undead Warrior

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