A full set consists of :

A 2-Player Starter Set including the following:
  • 4 Basic Action Reminder Cards
  • 10 Basic Action Cards
  • 12 Basic Action Dice (4 colors x 3 dice)
  • 24 Starter Set Common Cards with 16 associated dice (8 characters x 2 dice)
  • 16 Sidekick/NPC dice
  • Checklist
  • 2 Tyvek Dice Bags
  • Rulebook

It also consists of over 100 additional cards (and associated dice) found in booster packs in the following rarities:


The general distribution will be 8 characters in the Starter Set, each with 3 "Common" versions. Each of these 8 characters will have 1 additional version found in the booster packs (early sets were Uncommon, later sets changed to Common).

The remaining 30-40 characters/actions will generally have a Common, Uncommon, and Rare version found in the booster packs. For the 4 characters with a Super-Rare version, one of the other rarities is left out (usually either the Uncommon or the Rare).

Beginning with Age of Ultron, there have been an additional 4 Super-Rare cards that do not have any corresponding cards with lower rarities. These each have their own custom dice, and the cards have a Max Limit of 1 (meaning it only needs/uses the one die that comes with the card). These cards also have full-art "Chase" versions, which are the same card/die with different artwork. If you get one of these characters, there is a 1/7 chance that it will be the Chase variant.


The distribution for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series One Dice Masters set was very different from all the rest of the Dice Masters sets. The Starter Set only included 1 card for each of its characters, with a Common and a Rare version in Booster Packs. It also included 2 Action Cards that only came in an Uncommon version. The 4 Super-Rare cards came with no Common version, only Uncommon, Rare, and Super-Rare.

Although not relevant to the distribution, each die for the YGO set also had a serial number etched on it, corresponding to the collector number of the associated card. Functionally this meant that for official events, you had to use the specific die that came with that card, though if the card allowed more dice you could supplement with others of a different rarity.


Currently all Dice Masters sets that have been announced appear to be full sets. There remains the possibility that WizKids could release a smaller/different set at some point in the future.

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