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Thread: DC Starter Sealed event

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    DC Starter Sealed event

    So our FLGS is doing a DC starter sealed plus a few packs event tomorrow to kick off the new release. Anyone else doing something similar? I am trying to decide what the best combo might be, and I am interested to see how people play it out. What do you think, would you do this if your store had it?

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    We're doing a casual one on Saturday, not expecting a ton of people due to some life events from regulars. But the great thing with Sealed is that you can play it with any number.

    I would absolutely do it! Sealed is a great way to start if you're not used to limited formats because many of the decisions (which cards to take) have already been made for you.

    My recommendation is to look for synergies, as they're going to get you there for the most part this early in the format. I haven't had near enough time to mess around in-set to see what else might be cool, but the JL, Villain, and Bolt synergies seem to be viable. Way too soon to know if they're the best.

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    Easiest team to go after would be Justice League, with Aquaman or something like that. If you can grab a Deadman to shut some folks too, give that a go.

    And of course, let us know how it goes!

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    Will do, I am excited to see how it goes and if we have a good turnout. We average 8-10 people for the OP events that I have started going to the last few weeks, and we are all hoping this really continues to grow.

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    That's amazing. I'd be thrilled to get that here. So far, we haven't had any success building a community. Thank goodness for you online folks.

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    It has just started to gain some traction really. Myself and two friends bring our sons and that is 6 right there. I love having a built in play partner. Him and I play all the time, mostly just for the fun of it but we thought we should go out and try some of the OP and now we are hooked ��

    Tonight will just be me, I can't justify spending $50 for two starters for the event. The grand prize is a DC setup box, so I'm hoping that draws people out for it

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    I picked up a collector's box even though I have a UXM one too. I'm pleased with it, and that WW full art card is solid.

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    Is the WW full art the same one they gave out at Nationals?

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    We have a release party planned for tonight. (sealed with only DC) and a sealed on Sat. Marvel vs. DC (half DC and half UXM). We might have to do just DC on Sat as a bunch of Regulars might miss out tonight. 8-Bit Gamers in Santa Clara, CA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Well that's a bummer. Here I was thinking my WW full-art card was special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelSong View Post
    Well that's a bummer. Here I was thinking my WW full-art card was special.
    If it's any consolation, the Professor X they gave to Top 8 was the same as the collector box one... I guess it's really the Beast and Harley Quinn that were the special unique ones.

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    Our Rainbow Draft will be 5/9. We'll bust out the DC guns and have some fun. I'm looking forward to it - I'm such a tactile learner that the spoiled images are fine, but what really plugs me into strategy is handling cards and dice.

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    That's exciting. I'm not usually a tactile guy, but rolling dice is just so special.

    And actually owning the cards in real life? A whole different feeling. I cannot wait until tomorrow, and hopefully won't have to wait until Friday.

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    Event went well, we had 7 show up, which is pretty good attendance I am told (this is only my 3rd OP event). $25 got you the starter and 5 packs to make a team from. I went with:

    BACs Villainous Pact/Anger Issues

    Green Arrow Former Mayor
    Catwoman-Selina Kyle
    Batman-Bruce Wayne
    Zatanna-ZZ (backward)
    Black Manta-David
    Martian Manhunter-JJ
    Hawkman-WF Attacker

    Had 2 die each of the starter cards, with three on Green Arrow and 1 each on the cards I pulled from packs

    Won my first two matches and the third one was for the set-up box, me and another guy who went 2-0. We duked it out for the full time and went to overtime, and he got me on the third turn.

    What I learned tonight:

    Anger Issues+Darkseid+Fists was awesome with so many people playing JLA characters. Loved the combo-swung big on a few of those
    JSA and JLA are not the same thing. I learned this the hard way. Ouch
    Zatanna is going to get some play from me. That TFC is awesome, and the prep area die was a nice touch
    This was a solid night to see who can think well on their feet and adapt. No one knew the cards so we were all on the same playing field. I really liked that.
    It is so much more fun to play with grace and allowance of mistakes. The new guys will come back if everyone plays well together and realizes we are learning together.

    I may not have come home with the grand prize, but I had an awesome time and got to get a real-time feel of a set. Fun stuff for sure.
    Hope everyone else also has a great experience with their kickoff events!!

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