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Thread: Hawkeye Longbow

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    Hawkeye Longbow

    "When fielded, Hawkeye deals his attack value in in damage to a target opposing character."

    So, when you field him, he automatically does that damage to another character? Hawkeye doesn't take any damage in return, and still can attack during the attack phase?

    Also, would "Nick Fury - Patch" allow for a double attack when fielded? I'm thinking no, since his card text says "unblocked avengers". Since your opponent can't assign a blocker, Hawkeye just does the normal damage when fielded.

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    Nick Fury - Patch doubles the damage to an opponent, not a character die.

    That being said, would Nick double the damage Tsarina deals to an opponent when she attacks? I believe the intent is that Nick's ability resolves in the Assign Damage portion of the Attack Step. Perhaps a character die can only be considered 'unblocked' after the Assign Blockers step has occured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pishposh View Post
    Perhaps a character die can only be considered 'unblocked' after the Assign Blockers step has occured.

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    When Hawkeye - Longbow is fielded he does damage to an opposing character equal to his attack value. Hawkeye takes no damage from fielding. Any character can attack the same turn you field them.
    If Nick Fury - Patch is fielded, Avenger affiliated character dice that attack and are unblocked will deal damage to your opponent twice. The "unblocked Avengers" means for the Avenger dice to deal damage to your opponent twice it has to meet that criteria. You have to attack with the character, it has to be an Avenger affiliated and the character has to have no opposing character assigned to block it. Once these are met the character can deal damage to the opponent twice. Typically the character will move on to the assign damage phase and get to assign its attack value twice to the opponent. Weather your opponent is able to block does not matter.

    Patch will have no effect on Longbow's fielding damage.

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