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Thread: 6 man teams with 2 booster pull

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    6 man teams with 2 booster pull

    At my local store our weekly game night we bring a 6 man team and then buy 2 booster from whatever set you want and have to play with 2 cards from the packs we opened. I find this fun and challenging at the same time. This only allows me to come up with 6 cards that work well together and then hope my draws will have something that helps. We also get bonus prises for the person that scored the most damage during the night with one of our "guest stars".

    My quest to everyone is "what are some good 6 man teams that wouldn't matter what the extra 2 cards are?"

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    You could do an Original X-Men team. I made one for fun and it works really good.

    Angel - Air Transport 4
    Beast - Genetic Expert 4
    Cerebro - Super Computer 3
    Cyclops - Field Leader 3
    Iceman - TCFW 3
    Professor X - RYM 1

    Thrown Car

    I threw out Marvel Girl - Telekinetic, since you need 2 other characters and I never use her anyways.

    As for why this works:

    -Angel gets SKs out during fielding. You then use Iceman's Global to turn SKs into .
    -Beast is a blocker and help PXG.
    -Cerebro slows down opponent's ramp/fielding and help PXG.
    -Cyclops when fielded helps Iceman do +1A.
    -Iceman is the hammer of the team. Pay to use ability to double damage.
    -Professor X for Global.
    -Invulnerability for its Global to turn into +1A for Iceman.
    -Thrown Car to make Iceman plow through opponent's team.

    So the plan is to field Angels to later turn SKs into when you get Thrown Car to make Iceman a 10+A with Cyclops giving a +1A on top of that.
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