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Thread: Article: DC Dice Masters Unboxing

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    Nice Unboxing!
    Favorite dice so far for me is Superman, love the pearlescent blue.
    Worst dice: Red Tornado, not only is there an absence of the color red, but the image looks like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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    Is that the thing now? Only one super rare per box now?

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    Stormyknight, I have only pulled one in "All" (only two so not a good survey) of the boxes I have bought. I have heard (you can never trust the guy at the store) that three were pulled from an X-Men box. From my two boxes and 135 individual packs I have pulled from 6 different stores over all 4 sets I have pulled 1% SR, 17% R, 33 % UC, 49% C. Anyone else keep stats?

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    @fsufiji -- we're tracking openings in this thread. Go ahead and post your counts there.

    The sample we have so far suggests 2SRs per box are still possible, but appear to be more rare.

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    Thanks for the video. It will have to hold me over until mine shows up... (fingers crossed FLGS says tomorrow)

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    I opened a box of Justice League and pulled 2 SRs. The other 3 boxes my store got each had 1 SR. So possible, but less likely for 2. Which I hope changes with the 8 SRs in AoU.

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